Lunch 2024


Did you follow any recipe or did you wing it?

It’s on Food52, maybe elsewhere as well…Whole Roasted Cauliflower, I just have the basics in my notes. The broth needs to be well salted.
ETA The sauce served with it is quite nice but I just spritzed with evoo and Parmesan which suited my needs today.

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“Ramen shrimp omelet”
“Say what, now?”
“You heard me”


Should called louder & I’d be on my way over already :eyes: :drooling_face:

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Fresh fettuccine with Rao’s marinara


I had a couple of cups of pork stock, and some tomatoes, so I made egg and tomato noodle soup.

Quick, easy, and so good!


Eggs and tomatoes go together just like peanut butter and jelly.

Just a perfect symbiotic combo.


That might explain why I dislike both combinations.

Today’s lunch was rock soup. I bought the hot Italian sausages called for but they weren’t that hot at all. In future I will continue buying hot Italian sausages at the Italian grocer.


Is that like stone soup? Careful with your teeth eating that :wink:

Made the “keema curry” from one of Brian Lagerstrom’s latest videos but changed a few things. It turned out I only had 8-oz coconut milk cans, and when I poured one I felt it was enough liquid, so I went with it, and I’m glad. I think Brian like a lot of recipe developers knows people don’t like being left with coconut milk, so he calls for the full amount, but I truly don’t feel it’s needed here.
I had leftover ginger from making another curry, and upon tasting this and still finding it needed acid or something to pick up the flavor, I threw it in and it was much better with that addition. I’d make this again with ginger added along with the garlic and the reduced coconut milk.
I used my own spices to make up the garam masala.


Apparently it is like stone soup. I saw Rachael Ray prepare it on her show a few years ago and she told us about the story behind the soup. Legend has it there were stones involved but there are none in mine :slight_smile:

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Brave soul.

I would be too nervous to have my laptop t-h-i-s close to my stovetop.


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I am in fact living dangerously. But I live in a small apartment and limited places I could plug in my laptop. The plug outlet closest to my dining room table is miles away. I have a school desk in my bedroom because I don’t have room for a real desk but there is a plug outlet underneath it. There is no room for my computer equipment though. I can set up my laptop on my desk and feed the charger down the back of the desk to plug it in but I would have to put the mouse on the floor cuz there’s no room for it on the desk. So the kitchen counter it is!

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oops I bought the sausages at the grocery store. Note to self: buy hot Italian sausages at the Italian grocer where they have Italian sausages that are actually hot.

Too bad you don’t have Trader Joe’s in CA. Their hot sausages don’t mess around.

I live in Canada and we don’t have TJs here :sob: I’ve only been to TJs once when visiting an aunt and uncle in Tucson. I dream of getting trapped in that store and having to eat my way out :slight_smile:


Careful what you wish for :wink:

This isn’t entirely accurate, but you get the gist :smile:

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