Lunch 2023 (!)

And today we had …Asian style meat sauce
A/K/A Gochujang Gravy. A very delicious meat sauce that I’ve made twice, First with lamb, which was my favorite and the second time, with pork. Under the rice is a nice mound of peas, I used spinach with the lamb but would have preferred Swiss chard. New favorite in our house, the remaining half will be served over noodles/pasta. Dessert was tangerine sorbet, orange segments and caramelized tangerine syrup.


Wow - the colors are gorgeous!

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The only time I ate chicken mince with rice was in Taiwan (it’s one of the home-style dishes in the Taiwanese repertoire).

Even better with noodles. I’ve made many versions with and without mince. This kind of dishes are popular at my house. Be adventurous, experiment with sauces and non meat products as well.
Crispy-fried tempeh in this version.


Do try it with the gochujang, it gives the sauce a certain je ne sais quoi .I’m going to have to start buying a larger container of it!


Egg fried rice with lettuce and onions


You all are so venturous. No photo but for the first time we had avocado toast. I had some very seeded whole grain bread - toasted some, smushed half an avocado on each of two slices and topped them with butter poached runny eggs. It was so satisfying we didn’t need dinner until 8:30 pm or so. Plan a repeat with the other avocado tomorrow.


There seems to be more and more MAGA conspiracy theories in Germany (including the author Udo Ulfkotte) and the Kopp Verlag (publisher) is known to publish a lot of very right-wing/neo nazi stuff. Not sure why you show this non-food photo but it doesn’t speak quite well for you.

I had no idea about the publisher/writer. I thought the poster warned about how the media manipulates the public.

It’s been over 2 years since I stopped reading/listening to the news.


Hard to take you serious as it is obviously an ad for a book and so it is hard to believe that you (as somebody living in Germany) didn’t know the intent of the author (which is very well known and highly controversial in Germany). It’s like somebody in the US posts an ad for Alex Jones and claims not to know who he is (and your avatar has a comment which goes anyway in a similar direction)

I don’t live in Germany. I was passing through this station, the train was pulling out. And I don’t know what MAGA is, or who Jones is.

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I just looked through photos from Taiwan trip. The rice bowls were with shredded chicken, and minced pork belly. I found some photos of them both on the web but there’s waaaay too much meat. In Taiwan you get just a little bit on top of the rice. The idea is to eat vegetables and other things alongside.

Consider yourself very, very, very lucky.

I actually had a similar dish at a Sichuan restaurant in Singapore, we were with a friend from Penang that wanted to try the restaurant in 2012.

And to return to the lunch topic…today we had local burrata along with local greens and radish sprouts. This is from an outdoor winter Farmers Mkt. which in addition, has a vendor with locally milled flour. Dessert was chocolate pudding, a request for a repeat on that :grin:


Hard to believe as you might be one of perhaps five people in the western world

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That looks fantastic. As usual.

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Thank you, urrata was great!

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I love Presunto’s pix and travelogues, but honestly, I don’t consider it lucky. More embarrassing, not to know. It’s one thing to avoid o.d.-ing on the toxicity of this all. But every adult should be informed, and these are not fly by night news blips.


As far as MAGA goes, I’m biting my tongue here.

Tostadas with refried beans, chicken in mole rojo, crema, and queso fresco.