Lunch 2022

Salt cod fritters reheated really well in the air fryer!


Lovely golden fritters. In Portugal they make a big batch at a time. When you buy it, even in a restaurant it’s no longer hot, but that’s how it’s always done.

I almost bought a big slab (flattened whole fish) of bacahlau (supermarket, Madeira) but a Russian tourist spent the entire time checking out every single bacahlau with her bare hands. I suddenly lost all interest in buying. She saved my all the time and effort I would have needed to prepare any bacalhau/salt cod dishes.

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2 fresh roe sacs

I was shucking the oysters and it occurred to me to use a long deep shell to hold the roe.

When it’s roe you really don’t want spices or something pungent to overpower the delicate taste of rich dairy and oysters. I enjoy this kind of simple meal very much.

Also made some chicken wings.

The marinade: chipotle, Madeira, my own mix of “fajita seasoning”. Cooked SV then finished in the oven till crispy.

The second version is a bit different. The wings were steamed in the marinade.
The marinade: fermented black beans (not rinsed, roughly chopped), Taiwanese “BBQ sauce”, salted mustard and Madeira wine.

Ate this meal with noodles (not pictured).

And lastly, crab claws and a worthless beer.


Farro, sunny side up egg, pork loin

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr