Lunch 2020

According to online conversion, 1 quart (US/liquid) is almost 1 litre. I usually use 1.5 litres to make ricotta. The yield is more substantial than goat’s milk.

The whey has a bit of acidity in it so if you use it in something it’ll have some sour taste. You can also drink it.

To make traditional ricotta you’ll need to use whey which is from making cheese, yogurt or kefir.

Here are photos from my recent experiment last week posted on the cheese thread:

The cherries were marinated in Pedro Ximénez, a sweet wine.


Toasted some bread from a local bakery (a country loaf from Tartine Manufactory in SF), rubbed garlic and olive oil on it, topped with ricotta from the same bakery, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, and some more olive oil.


How about this? mixed berry crisp
A mixed berry crisp. You can also make it at your home through this recipe.


Cleaning out the fridge, and starting to get some produce out of the garden, led to a little of this and a little of that. Bread and salami. 2 cheeses from our adventure to a cheese store that resulted in 10 wedges brought home. Pears and mango. Cuke and tomato salad from the garden. And a wonderful raw beet and almond puree that I saw on these boards (but forget who I should credit). Crackers.


I ended up making yogurt with my Jersey milk.

I made it in my Instant Pot… :grin:

I tried it plain today for lunch, and really enjoyed it, and tommorow I’m going to try it with dried cherries and maybe pluot jam. Or maybe the last of my 2019 preserved figs. I’ll make room for 2020’s!

These ricotta pics are inspiring me. I bought some Whole milk basket ricotta from Bellwether farms and I may try making some with the whey from the yogurt and the basket from the Bellwethet farms ricotta.


I tried making Ike’s Vietnamese fish sauce wings from Portland’s Pok Pok, only with an air fryer instead of deep frying, and with potato starch rather than rice flour because I forgot that I didn’t have any rice flour. They were not as crispy as I would have liked, probably due to the air fryer, and the sauce probably could have used some more reducing, but they were still pretty tasty. Had them with beer and a light salad.

Here’s a pic from when I tried them at the source at Pok Pok a few years ago.


Nothing like you people’s food. Mine is too simple.

I like cherry dumplings so much I made them again. This time with boozy cherry sauce, thickened with macadamia nuts.

If I had to take a surprise breathaliser test the reading would go way over the legal limit! NSFW (not safe for work) :innocent:




We went biking the other day and packed some food with us.

Cottage cheese with radish shoots


No need to use any butter. This cheese is richer than butter.

Our picnic table

Some photos from this bike trip.
Country road and cow crossing sign.

Gate of grazing field and my bike.

A typical image of the countryside

A dead tree and my bike in the foreground

Distance covered (about 45 miles)


Thanks, Señor Rooster. The partner likes cherries now (used to be indifferent).

A worthy tribute to the mighty cherry! I can eat my body weight in cherries, berries avocados and mangos this time of year. And, I often do. :wink:

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Spanish rice aka jasmine rice cooked in the rice cooker with a few spoons of jarred salsa, frijoles borrachos with queso fresco, and scrambled eggs.


Looks like a totally fun lunch, @Mr_Happy
Flavors had to be terrific!


Fried rice with egg and lap cheong.


Sort of Roasted Peppers With Lemon Ricotta


Grilled onions, peppers and pineapple for lunch. Roasting a whole chicken for later.


Do check the origin of your onions, Rooster. Onions from a certain farm in Calif are being recalled.
_ _

Noodles with edamame and chard, with radish kimchi.


Some earlier photos from the garden I had forgotten about:
Next 2 flowers are really tiny. I used a macro lens.



Inside the tulip

Little Mariposa


So I’ve been eating steamed corn on the cob and hominy. This “porridge” is the savoury kind. Lots of garlic, onions and chicken stock.

Close-up of confit yolk with grated salt-cured yolk.


One of my recently acquired cameras:

In the pouches are things like filter ring, battery, charger etc. The whole package is designed to be opened like a present.

A minimalist-perfectionist’s dream camera. Very few buttons and dials. Incredible attention to detail. The moment it makes an emotional impact on potential buyers is the minimalist design and another moment of emotional impact is when they pick it up and play around with it. Feels very “premium” and is built like a tank. Such a stunner and she’s mine.


And it really good hands who could argue! Looking forward to all the future shots ( and meals).

Thing is, tt’s not a food camera and I will be bringing to on holidays to countries like Germany, Austria etc. Some place “safe”.

Also, the way it works and the colours are very different from what I’m used to (Fuji or Nikon and other systems). I’m still learning the camera.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr