LUCIE, 100 Yonge St, Toronto - Wow! A most impressive debut! This could conceivably be the BEST French food in town?!!

‘LUCIE “, a brand new, downtown fine dining establishment, is the latest brainchild of Yannick Bigourdan - one of Toronto’s most esteemed and successful restaurateurs ( Splendido, Nota-Bene and Carbon Bar fame ). Since its soft opening a few short days ago, it has already managed to amass an amazing 31 out of 31, perfect 5/5 review score rating! Based on our delightful and highly memorable ‘total package’ dining experience. IMHO, I have no doubt, once the word is out, LUCIE will become THE next hottest table and talk of the town.

The modern, elegant and stylish decor of the main dining area offers a calm and cozy back-drop that encourages guests to relax and enjoy. Spotlight on this new destination for gourmands focuses squarely on the quality and creativity of its ‘very’ French, contemporary biased cuisine. Based on the impressive credentials of the Michelin Star(s) trained, French executive chef - Arnaud Bloquel, Pastry chef - Laurence Delmas Farre, Sous chef - Zachary Barnes and their talented kitchen team, one would expect the standard of the offering to reflect just that……inspired cooking of a high order, visually appealing plate presentation and food that exudes wonderful flavor profile!..all these they managed to achieve deftly!

Dining format adopted a reasonably priced, three course ( appetizer, entree, dessert ) - ‘Table d’Hote ‘ approach. The imaginative and whimsical menu contains a great variety of interesting and tough-to-decide choices. However, on the night of our visit, it also happened to coincide with the chef ushering in an ‘Omakase’ 7 course tasting menu for the first time!

With such a new option available, it is therefore a no-brainer that we decided to go for it and leave our dining fate at the hand of the chef! The ‘nothing short of spectacular‘ dishes delivered for our enjoyment were all outstanding, well conceived with the proper composition of excellent and premium ingredients, spot-on seasoning and perfect balance. The food, richly flavourful but not overly heavy. Too beautiful to eat, but once this initial impediment is overcome, the vivid and delicious taste profile of the food erupts with every mouthful!

Our courses included:

Bread Service:
5 Grain Baguette, Olive Sourdough Bread, 5 Flavour White Bread……

Red Souffle - Salmon Rillette
White Parmesan Crisp - Eggplant Caviar

Les Entrees :
Le Foie Gras - Hudson Valley Foie Gras ‘mi-cuit’, Smoked Eel, Ontario Sour Cherry Jelly
Le Boeuf - Raw Canadian Grass Fed Beef, Osetra Caviar, Egg Yolk Cream, Herbs

Les Plats :
Les Saint Jacque - Jumbo Diver Scallops, Braised Endive, Citrus Emulsion
Le Homard - Nova Scotia Lobster, Confit Potato, Comte cheese, Armagnac and Arabica Sauce
Le Veau - Quebec Milk-Fed Veal, Roasted Sweet Bread, Carrot Confit, Veal Demi-Glace

Les Desserts :
Le Sorbet - Cherry sorbet, Vanilla Custard Cream, Crispy Cocoa Nibs
La Framboise - Raspberry Confit, Meringue, Tarragon Cream, Herbaceous Sorbet

Armagnac Dark Chocolate
Pineapple Macaroon

Belaire Syrah Base Rare Rose
Mansink Alsace Pinot Gris

Rather than spending a laborious amount of time in reviewing and writing-up each and every single splendid and well executed dish we savored. I will let the aforementioned menu description plus the exquisite, mouth-watering food photos do all the talking. Just use your best foodie imagination, folks!

The flawless service was super friendly, professional and attentive……a reflection of the owner’s amiable personality and hospitality.

Offering a gratifying, total dining package of “ Food, Wine, Table Setting, Service, Ambience ….”, this is one dining venue that is truly worthy of my making a special long trip from Richmond Hill to downtown for…… ( sounds like a page taken from the ‘ Little Red Book’? Ha! )

In conclusion, to all Michelin inspectors assigned to Toronto. Please take note of this gastronomic, ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ and make space for a ‘ Macaroon ‘ in your upcoming edition to welcome this wondrous and admirable, well-deserved recipient.L


Sounds and looks wonderful. Will have to add it to our too-long-already list of places to try.


Nicely done Charles I don’t visit that neighborhood anymore but might make an exception

Hard to judge from the photos, but the decor and lighting look horrible - more dentist office than ‘modern, elegant and stylish’.

With all the hard surfaces and low ceiling, it also looks like an acoustic nightmare. How is the volume level?

My dining partner and I actually found the decor pleasing and stylish. The subdued lighting and darker tone actually provided a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. BTW, there are various spaces around the dining area , close to windows and feature light colour couches, that I did not take photos of!
The ‘French’ vocal background music was just right. The ceiling wasn’t that low! …and there were drapes and curtains to absorb the noise.
Like you said, hard to judge from photos ( both food and decor )
To each his own!


Quite the opposite - the ceiling is high and there are heavy drapes on the window to absorb the noise.
I found the space much more restful than the noise level at other downtown restaurants.

And the food (prix-fixe only when I went) was spectacular - so much so that I contacted Charles (I know his preferred food styles) and suggested he try this. So glad he agreed with my opinion (but I don’t take photos). And only post reviews after two (or more visits). The second visit will be sooner, rather than later.


Thanks for the feedback to my admittedly kneejerk reaction to Charles’ photos - the ceiling looks low in them, but smartphone cameras don’t always allow for a true sense of perspective (or lighting levels).

The food does look great, but I still have qualms about the (laminate?) flooring and furniture, which look really ugly to me in the photos.

I don’t see the price of their 7 course on their site. Is this a regular option?

As per my write-up above. Yesterday was the first day the chef+owner introduced the 7 course tasting menu to the public.! Currently, it’s still being refined and should receive official posting on the website a few short weeks down the road? The ’ base ’ version is $195 for 7 courses. ( for comparison, ALO tasting menu is $225 and Enigma is $230 for 8 courses ).


The room looks almost like a diner. At the prices charged I’d expect tablecloths.
Meanwhile if you like well executed French food on a patio with hospitable service there’s Tavern Tamblyn at Danforth and Monarch Park. Not downtown glamorous but very good.


’ Sans tablecloth ’ tends to be the trend nowadays. Michelin star ALO and FRILU both adopt a contemporary, no table cloth approach…much more environmentally friendly and cost effective?!

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May I question your assumptions about a place you haven’t visited? At least visit a place before assessing its quality.

I haven’t visited Taverne Tamblyn - it’s been on my ‘to try’ list for a while but a couple of things have ‘got in the way’.

  • They offer “a curated selection of tradiitional French food” - whatever that means! I can accept curating a menu where the origins of the ingredients are documented. My reaction was to assume the food was more intellectual than tasty - everyday food is rarely ‘curated’.
  • Despite this “curation of French food” the menu is heavily weighted towards meat (specifically steak) - not surprising when the owners background is almost entirely in meat and butchery - but seemingly lacking in any French food or French dining. But I guess he could have hired an experienced “chef with French experience” to assist in the curation.
    So I had erroneously (?) assumed that this was an ‘almost Steak House’ rather than French.

Obviously I can’t speak to how delicious this might be - I hope someone I trust can review it and persuade me to go.
But I do know that the management of Lucie was previously part of Nota Bene and Splendido - that resume easily moved this up the places to try (and I did). And Taverne Tamblyn still hasn’t made it high enough on my list to try. And I really don’t care whether it has tablecloths.

Also, to be fair, I DO think Taverne Tamblyn has a ‘well curated’ winelist. Actually, it isn’t curated at all (it’s just a list), but it is a good selection at fair prices. That may just move it far enough up the list to try.

Thank you for the ’ Tavern Tamblyn ’ suggestion.
Looking at their website, the food they offer is not unlike those found in classic Parisian Bistro like Chez Denise or Chez Fernand.
However, our purpose for dining at Lucie was because it offers a fine dining, Prix fixe/menu degustation format crafted by Michelin star calibre chefs.
So, comparing the two is like apple vs oranges!

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More info in recent TL:

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Photos way better quality than mine! :laughing: :smile: :laughing: :smile: :laughing:

Hah! Honestly I don’t care about photos. I’d rather honest reviews from you and the other members of this board. I’ve been fooled before with “superstar” gorgeous photos and reviews on IG and TT (feed promoted) but when I actually taste it, it falls way below expectations. It’s difficult to find people with a discerning palette these days.


Did the 7-course with pairings on Friday. A few things different from Charles’ menu, including a rabbit three ways (ballotine with pistachio, croquette, and rack - yes, RACK of rabbit, you need some surgical precision to prep that).

This was absolutely up there in best meals I’ve had in Toronto in years. (That cherry sorbet with armagnac and cacao espuma was mind-blowing… and the armagnac/arabica sauce on the lobster, I would do shots of anytime.) Really fantastic. Great service at the bar, too. The pairings were pretty interesting, and I’d say that on the current wine list there are some screaming bargains (ok maybe not Yannick’s personal first-growth Bordeaux cellar selection!). They are in the midst of redoing the wine list but there are definitely some value picks to be had.

Tablecloths? Who cares. Really really amazing food.


For what it’s worth, Alo has tablecloths in their main dining room (at least they did when I was there last week).

Recent reviews of ALO that I have come across had all been ho-hum with complaints about their wine-service in particular!

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My recent Alo experience (second time there) was a mixed bag - many of the dishes were very good to excellent, but two of the proteins (overcooked scallop, oversalted striploin) were just plain bad.

Wine service for me was actually quite enjoyable, leaning mainly towards regional Italian whites (Friuli, Alto Adige, a Pecorino from Abruzzo).

Patrick Kriss seems to be dedicating a lot of energy to expanding his “Alo Group” - perhaps at the expense of his flagship.

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