Love N Haight Deli [San Francisco, Lower Haight]

Love N Haight Deli is a small sandwich shop located on Haight Street. They serve vegetarian and vegan sandwiches along with salads and falafel. I’ve started doing meatless Monday recently and have been going here a lot because they make good vegetarian sandwiches that are quite filling, are reasonably priced (sandwiches are well under $10), are open late (until 2AM most nights), and one can eat one’s sandwich with a nice craft beer two doors down at Toronado, which is one of the best beer bars in the city. There’s not too many vegetarian sandwich places in the Bay Area. The only other one I’ve been to is The Butcher’s Son in Berkeley, which is fancier/more innovative and also a bit more more expensive.

SAT analogy time:

Love N Haight Deli is to The Butcher’s Son
I dunno, Roxie Food Center maybe? is to Deli Board

Some notes on the sandwiches (haven’t tried the falafel nor the salads):

  • My go to order is chicken steak on Dutch crunch with some cheese and avocado added. The chicken steak has a kind of slightly crispy coating. I think it’s made of wheat gluten maybe? Doesn’t really taste like meat but it has a bit of a meat like texture.

  • The sliced rye bread is quite soft if you’re looking for a soft bread.

  • They seem to be perpetually out of fake duck.

  • Outside of the chicken steak, the pepper steak and salami are also good. I did not like the fake ham (too spongy for me).

  • I found the sourdough roll too chewy. Jaw was sore afterwards.

  • Cash only. There’s an ATM inside if you need it.

Some pictures of various sandwiches and other things:

Hoodline article on the deli. Apparently they went fully veg back in 2013.


Love N Haight has sadly closed.

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Fish market.
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