Lost with fresh chestnuts

I have never use them fresh, only in puree form or in cans (small quantities for meat loaf), so now a bit lost when husband bought a batch, and now neighbour got back from a trip brought us another batch. How long could they be kept?

Any delicious recipes will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Like you, I’ve only used puree or the vacuum packed ones for recipes. As for fresh, I’ve never got past simply roasting them to eat as a snack. Something that demands excessive amounts of salt.

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Many HOs have recommended the website Smitten Kitchen to me for baking. I bookmarked this chestnut cookie recipe for my sisters holiday baking.

Would this appeal to you @naf?


They are good in stuffing, in braises, as a soup, and of course in desserts. But we grew up eating them plain boiled - they are sweet and creamy, and distinctive.

You can peel by roasting or by boiling. You can also wok- or pan-roast them, but the oven is probably easier. Most websites say to peel while still very hot.

As kids, we mostly ate them cold from the fridge as a snack - after they were boiled, they were sliced through the middle, which made extracting them easier.

Once you extract the meat, you can certainly freeze it if there’s too much for current use.


I think they keep in shell a long time in a cool dry place. I have roasted in the oven before, cut a small x slice thru the shell and then bake maybe 15-20min. Peel off the shells while still hot its much easier. Great still warm with just a little salt.

Maybe my favorite savory chestnut recipe is to use them in mashed potatoes. Seriously intensely amazing. I have to make them every christmas dinner now- certainly makes for rich mashed potatoes but I don’t use cream or dairy in the potatoes (splash of veg broth, a little olive oil) so the chestnuts work well to add the creamy fatty thing mashed potatoes need.
Of course a chestnut soup is also lovely…


Growing up in NYC, we mostly bought them on the street roasted, but I had a friend who roasted them at home.

I’ve tried making glaceed (so?) chestnuts, but with limited success.

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My 3 fav things in one holiday dressing…!
@naf, it’s only because we’re pals I’m sharing😁 j/k.



This looks good, a change for stuffing in festival birds. Maybe I can suggest this to my MIL, who prepares the meal.

Thanks, this certainly highlights the roasted chestnuts.

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Some family members like that. Hubby and I, we are not much fans of that, too sweet!

I agree that street roasted chestnut are the best.

Thanks for that, I will do a batch like this all simple.

I do like chestnuts soup. Excellent idea to mix in with mashed potatoes.

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Good suggestion! I have a tendency to delay to consume them as I see them in a shell.

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It’s probably easier to just cook them all in one batch- well, maybe cook a small test batch first to be sure you like the preparation- and then cook the rest all at once and freeze the excess.

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