Lost instructions for TJ's rolled turkey breast

Looking for help! In early November, I bought the frozen rolled stuffed turkey (or was it chicken?) breast for Thanksgiving. Freezer space was tight so I got rid of the box, freezing the meat, gravy, and cranberry sauce in their plastic pouches. I read and meant to save the instructions but apparently didn’t. Then I went to the hospital for day surgery, where I coded, was resuscitated, spent time in the ICU, and months in rehab relearning to stand and walk. The directions for the roast are among the short-term memories I lost. Anyone know if it goes into the oven straight from the freezer, or must be thawed in the fridge? 350°F?


Trader Joe’s has a website. Based on the instructions, I would defrost. It is cooked in slices. 400 degrees.

Are you able to use Google to find the instructions?

Glad you’re doing better. What an experience!

I admire your fortitude and your strength and fearlessness for approaching your freezer. I have no knowledge to give you on the topic, but I would not put anything in plastic pouches in the oven. Our 30-year old microwave is on the fritz, so we have a major dilemma because our counterspace is very tight and I still can’t find a replacement. I might just put all of it in a pot of boiling water and poke an instant read thermometer to decide when it’s safe to eat. Or, just let it go…

The cooking instructions are on TraderJoes website. I do not know how to link a web site from my phone.

I couldn’t even find the product on the TJ’s website, much less instructions. But I DID find them, linked here in case anyone else needs them in future.


I adore Trader Joe’s but the one that is close is minimally an hour round trip away from us, and usually involves a medical appointment for the occasion. I do have a seasonal neighbor who lives just outside of Boston who will pick up treats for us, but it’s not often.

Same sitch for me. The Burlington TJ’s is about 12 miles on busy back roads. Fortunately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, these days I have abundant medical appointments!

You had a scary thing happen to you. I’ve lived through several scary things, myself.