Lost in Translation!!!

I had to laugh when I saw this watermelon tool described on the box as a “Family Necessary Weapon!” It’s comforting to know, too, that “The design is very humane.”


I’m glad the cut is safe and health. I was worried about that.


I am glad that this “weapon” is “humane”

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And I’m glad that it’s Security.

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Not to mention that it doesn’t core, it slices. You don’t core a watermelon.

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Agreed. Coring a watermelon is inhumane, not to mention against international law. I think they need to change the package label.


And "family entertainment "?!?
Where is the Buy Now button??? I have always avoided watermelon because i lacked the special humane tool to cut it properly…


Of course, “Hygiene” is important, too. You wouldn’t want the watermelon to get sick from this tool.

for the family whose kids are still rolling hoops and playing with garbage pail lids.

i bought a tin of tea once that suggested it be stored in “darkness light”. :grin:

I saw this on FB earlier in the week.

Necessary Weapon

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