Looking for the type of ribs pictured below ... must purchase by Friday 9/16, 9/17 am the latest

I need twice the amount pictured, last year I purchased them at the restaurant depot.
This year that is not an option, I have not seen them anywhere.
Has anyone seen the big slabs, 2 - 3 racks per package, of cryovac spareribs anywhere in Westchester county?
Lower Westchester is preferable as is a decent price, but at this point I’ll purchase what is available.
We usually spend approximately $80.00 to $ 90.00
We used to buy the swift brand ribs from Costco but they discontinued the spareribs a couple of years ago.
Thanks in advance

Stew Leonards? Don’t know for sure, but perhaps?

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I bought spareribs at the Yonkers Costco two weeks ago - I smoked one package and put the other in the freezer. I don’t know if they were just there for Labor Day, but I definitely bought them there. Swift Premium brand, St. Louis cut, $2.49 a pound.

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Thank you … wow the price has not increased from last year, the St. Louis replaced the spareribs. If they are still available we may have to go with them.
Valerie, thank you I will check Stew’s too.

is there a reason RD isn’t an option this year?

I borrowed someone’s membership card last year

Re RD: They don’t allow people to join unless they have a business, is that right?

That’s my understanding Dee.

OK, thanks. Too bad.

I guess they don’t need the plethora of money they could get from the citizens of Lower Westchester who don’t own businesses.

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Wish anyone could join.

Same here, Gwenn.

Sounds silly, because I do make my own 80/20 hamburgers, but we went to a BBQ and I so enjoyed the hamburgers I asked the chef what he used. He said he got the burgers from RD and that Bubba burgers were sad in comparison.

He made an amazing BBQ - burgers, hot dogs, steak, ribs, pulled pork, chicken thighs, chicken wings, and sides of course. I’m not usually a meat eater, but I tried everything.

chowdom, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ribs he served were also from RD.

RD had 2 or 3 maybe 4 different brands of spareribs, the ones we bought were good, but not as good as the swift brand spareribs that used to be available at Costco. Much more bone, I can’t find a cross section photo of the Swift ribs …I’ll keep looking

Usually one has to have a tax # to shop wholesale. Here in Oregon with no sales tax
Anyone can shop at our local Cash & Carry, as it is called here.

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It’s a tax ID number one needs here

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Will any EIN do? I have one for my self-employment as a singer - if that would get me in the door that would be fantastic!!!

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from their website:

*Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller’s permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization.

it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are, and you can also get extra membership cards for additional “authorized users”

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Interesting. Although I do have an EIN, I don’t have a business license (nor am I a non-profit). I wonder if there’s a way to get around that.

Just called and the woman who answered said an EIN is sufficient, although she did suggest that I call the store I plan to visit before my first trip to ask them if I need anything other than my EIN to pick up my membership card since I don’t have a business license. Fingers crossed they allow it!!!

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Nice. Bring a sweater or hoodie (or similar) if you end up going. Trust me on this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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