Looking for rice cooker with no non-stick coating

My two stainless steel cookers from Lotus didn’t last very long. So looking for something hopefully more durable. Many of the classic brands have a layer of nonstick coating in the cooking vessel, which I am not too comfortable with. So the choices are limited.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

Since I don’t own and have never used a bare SS model, I have no actual recommendations, but I do happen to have a few “bookmarked” on Amazon that you could take a look at and/or further research in terms of durability and non-Amazon pricing, They all have good average ratings on Amazon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all that much…

The manufacturers of the specific models I’ve linked have other similar models, so don’t forget to take a look at those as well:
Miracle Exclusives SS Rice Cooker Model ME81
Oyama CFS-F10B 5 Cup Rice Cooker
VitaClay makes several models with clay inserts that get variable reviews (the inserts, I mean, apparently they crack or break a little more readily than one might hope for)
Tatung TAC-06KN 6 Cups Indirect Heating SS Rice Cooker

Thanks. I end up buying none of them. But appreciate your suggestions.

I unscrewed my dead Lotus cooker. I found that the arm connected to the power button was not attached at the right angle any more. I turned it a little bit and now all is good. Crappy manufacturing.

Do not attempt this at home, kids. You can get shocked.

Eh - as long as it’s unplugged while you work, the worst thing that can happen is you’ll get a small fireworks show when you plug it back in. (lol) Glad you got it working again, but that does sound like pretty crappy manufacturing, if that piece can be dislocated so easily…

Old thread but if anyone else wants a non-stick free rice cooker…

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