Looking for breakfast snack bar recipes .

I would like to make breakfast bars to eat in the morning . When I am getting ready for work I usually have just coffee . I have tried yogurt , or a couple of fried eggs , cheese , etc. etc… to eat after waking . It takes me a couple hours until I am hungry . I usually break into my lunch when I get hungry to snack . I am eating these Odwalla bars at the moment . Anyway I figure I would ask you for ideas . Something I could bake in a sheet pan that nourishes and good tasting . Is there anything other than granola bars . Thanks . Trying to break my bad habit of not eating breakfast .

Someone made me a baked oatmeal over the weekend, and not only was it great hot out of the oven, but it made for tasty leftovers the next day. She used this recipe for maple-cinnamon apple and pear baked oatmeal.

My recipe for Healthy Hummingbird Muffins was a finalist in a Chowhound contest a few years ago. The recipe should still be there somewhere. I see no reason why it couldn’t be baked in a pan like other quick breads, though offhand I don’t know what the timing would be. Any reason why it HAS to be a sheet pan?

No reason . Just my first thought . Maybe just some nostalgia for the sheet pan . I worked in a bakery long ago . Baking granola on a sheet pans . I’ll check out the hummingbird muffins .

Are you on Pinterest? Lots of great snack bar ideas on there.

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These recipes for homemade larabars are really easy and delicious- just squash the mix into your pan or roll into little balls. I keep them in the freezer or fridge so they stay firm, after a few hours room temp they’re thawed and ready to eat

I’ve also made many batches of bars from this awesome customizable formula, which looks overwhelming when you read it yet it’s actually an easy recipe.

Another idea would be to bring a slice of frittata or a few hard boiled eggs