Looking for a lunch spot - Portsmouth, NH

Heading to Ogunquit next week and looking for some new lunch places. We’d like to check out Portsmouth. Where’s a good lunch? We are not looking fancy, just good!


You could always do a search on the Merrimack Valley Eats FB group.


I’ve been doing some research (for dinners for a forthcoming trip) and have come up with a long list of the following which will need trimming as we’re only there three nights. Been to the first two on a previous trip and am happy enough with our experience to think about going back. Dunno if they are open for lunch.

Jumpin Jays
Black Trumpet
Flatbread Pizza
River House
Martingale Wharf


I’ve been to a few places there and don’t recall anything too fabulous. It is a small town and I very well may have missed out. I would definitely make a stop though…lovely town

I like bobs clam hut across the river. It’s touristy but the food is good. I like their large lobster roll. I think they have two sizes. It is next to the Kittery trading post.

Ps, red hook brewery tour was fun if you like beer.

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Thanks! A couple are open for lunch!! So far Flatbread Pizza and Martingale Wharf and River House are open and looks like any will fit the bill!

Please let us know where you end up. It may help me whittle down my list.

Great walk around town! Jumpin Jay’s does not open for lunch unfortunately.
It is one of our favorites.

Row 34 is pretty good, especially if you are into oysters.
Not in downtown Portsmouth but good food at
B&G BoatHouse

and Cafe Nostimo

Just over the line in Kittery Point is Lil’s Cafe…very good coffee, pastries and
sandwiches. http://www.lilscafe.com/

Also in over the line in Kittery is Roberts Maine Grill, associated with Bob"s Clams
mentioned up above and When Pig’s Fly bakery and cafe.


Have a great time in Ogunquit!

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Will do!

Thanks, grumpyspatient! We always hit Roberts for lunch when we are there. We’ve never been to When Pigs Fly. Maybe we’ll check that out. Dinners are set. Clay Hill, On the Marsh and Ocean and Fore Street in Portland.

I’m sure outlet shopping at Kittery is in our plan. So Roberts sounds perfect for lunch - the haddock reuben just shouted at me.

I’m in Portsmouth area a lot, my son lives in Dover, NH.

Jumpin’ Jays is pretty solid, but I’m not sure if they are open for lunch. They have a great brunch on Sunday though.
For lunch, we head to the decks usually, it’s pretty lively most days. Martin dale, River House and Poco’s. As you can imagine, fresh fish is their fare. Also, if it’s crowded there, we head to the Oar House right down the street,as they have their own private parking lot and they have a deck to sit out on.
I also love a lunch from Cere’s bakery (teeny tiny place), lots of organic wraps and such. It’s nice to take your lunch to Strawberry Banke and sit by the water, a couple of blocks away.

If you are in Ogunquit for more than a day and are doing dinner out, my favorite place with outstanding food is over the bridge in Kittery is Black Birch.
A pub type lunch while downtown Portsmouth for me would be The Portsmouth Brewery. Love their burgers and mussels.

In Kittery, I like When Pig’s Fly. Lots of craft beer and good choices for lunch, free parking as well. It’s just north of the shopping strip.
Have fun and enjoy.


Roberts is great.

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We’re fans of Row 34 for oysters and warm buttered lobster rolls. Nice craft beer selection with interesting pours. And I have a soft spot for their butterscotch pudding.

A treat that has not disappointed us yet, though on the spendy side. I want to mention that because it looks like the warm buttered lobster roll is currently priced at $32, which seems higher than I remember—so that’s in the decadence zone for us.

I like their lobster roll too, but I’m not sure it worth $32.00!

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Yeah, I hear you. I hesitated to post when I saw the price right now, but that hot buttered lobster roll is the ideal version for me. Not that current price though. :open_mouth:

Also in Kittery is Anju Noodle Bar, where I’ve had many a tasty lunch (and dinner).


I had an outstanding lobster roll at the Beach Plum in North Hampton today (they have a Portsmouth location as well). There are 4 different sizes and the largest was stuffed full of lobster for $26.99. It is the cold variety but with minimal mayo. It’s the best lobster roll I’ve had on the NH seacoast.


Worth emphasizing that the menu is very similar to the original Fort Point location, AND much easier to get a table.

What an excellent point you make about Row 34 in Portsmouth. We’ve also found that to be true.