Looking for a cake carrier

Would a pie basket do for your intended use? Admittedly I have not measured. I mention because we were gifted one way back when we got married, and it’s proven handy as a picnic basket as well as for carrying food/dessert to potlucks with friends. Plus we smile every time we think of the wonderful friend who gave it to us.

Our pie basket still looks like new after all these years, too. If only I could say the same about me.

I’ve never seen a pie basket before they look quite nifty.
So I learned something new today :white_check_mark:
Also enjoyed your sense of humour !

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This is mine. I did a lot of research and quite happy with it, it’s big and since it’s square, you can use it for round or square cakes. You can use it to transport 2 tarts, and the lower part you can also put an ice pack to keep the cake cool. Maybe the weak point is the handle, but I use a bag to carry it.


Ooops, I re-read the op, it’s not something you’re looking for, as you’re looking for a compact box.

I still enjoyed your post. I didn’t know that you could get one with an ice pack.

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I have a Longaberger pie basket that I use for various toting food to events.


I have a dozen or more cake/pastry carriers (round, square, plastic, tiered, not tiered, vintage aluminum/Kromex, professional pastry boxes, on and on and on) but now I realize that the thing I most require in my life is a pie basket.


My advice is to buy vintage. eBay (and especially its Euro variants) has lots of cool choices. If you’re not gobsmacked, buy another one–they’re pretty cheap.

Life’s too short to scrimp on luggage…


Shopping for pie baskets - too much fun! I have a few vintage Longaberger pie baskets I found on eBay, but a quick google search would make me want to shop for more. Alas, I don’t need another, and storage space is precious. There are some really cute Amish ones out there.

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I’m an old tin hoarder and have them in many sizes. Upside down they work as great cake transporters and depending on sizes sometimes the plate even fits in or else use a cake board to get the cake out from the rim of the lid.