Long Island board

The topic of a Long Island board was raised in this discussion here.

I want to gauge interest. If you are interested in posting regularly in a Long Island board, can you please indicate your interest here? Thanks.


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I am certainly interested. I believe that the CH LI posters would also like this.

Thanks, AJ

I’d post sporadically.

Just in Great Neck there’s Fu Run (“New”), for example, where the Muslim Lamb Chop of the Flushing original is Crispy Lamb Chop here, and almost as good, but with the “New” offering a more extensive menu than the old. Then there’s the conventionally named Shop Delight Supermarket with a range of conventional offerings, but an absolutely, chewily wonderful, freshly baked Sangak flatbread. It’s worth a trip just for that.

The sleeper in the bunch may be the Plaza Eatery right at the LIRR station with its piles of tamales and empanadas and steam tables of various porky things, and one occasion whole deep fried fish.


Are they here? Or someone can contact them?

can we have a section for all municipalities over 50,000?
I strong dislike any theory of slicing and dicing a forum into thousands of sections.
does not work for users.

pick some regions - that’s close enough. how many sections would be required to cover just NYC? . . . considering it can take hours to get from one borough to another…

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I think motosport is here.

I would be interested. Specifically, far eastern Long Island, especially the North Fork, but the entire Island would be of interest to me…maybe we could include Queens in such a forum.