[London] Sunday brunch at Parlour, Kensal Rise

Owner-chef, Jesse Dunford Wood’s 6-year-old Parlour in Kensal Rise is one of those sunny gastropubs with a relaxed vibe. It was exactly like what people had spoke or written about the place - there were kids, there were dogs, there were noisy, satisfied diners. Loved the atmosphere.

One of Parlour’s signature offerings is the Soda Bread, which one can also self-serve from the Unlimited (Toasted?) Yesterday’s Bread counter at £1 per head. The counter included a selection of jams, Marmite, Nutella, lemon curd and Lancashire butter.

Our brunch options

  1. ’The Half Nelson’, which is a half-portion serving of their ‘Full Parlour’ breakfast, and consisted of scrambled eggs, a sausage, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato and hash brown.

  2. Home-Style-Hash Brown with Fried Eggs

  3. ‘Back Door’ Smoked Salmon & That Soda Bread - this was very good indeed, and my fave item at brunch.

Parlour has some really interesting-looking dinner choices which I’m definitely coming back for - the Chicken Kyiv with Hash Brown & Coleslaw and the Parlour’s Cow Pie had been on the menu since the place’s inception in 2013.

Parlour Kensal
5 Regent Street, Kensal Rise
North West London, NW10 5LG
Tel: +44 20 8969 2184
Opening hours: 10am to midnight, Tue-Sun. Closed on Mondays.


Add a Mimosa, or Bloody Mary and your Sunday just got glorious.


Oh, yesss! :grin:

That’s a very good looking sausage. And I love the idea of smoked salmon cut that thick ( yes, I know thin cut gives more surface area flavour but there’s something about it being almost a bit chewy).



:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: I’m so hungry now! haha

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Ah, Parlour. This is my local go-to place for a fancy full English. The other highlight is their fish and chip Friday. The owner and servers are lovely. I also like their wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks – lots of fizzes, juices, mocktails etc

We don’t get to dine out much or go too far as we have a small baby, so it’s lucky to have this in the neighborhood as well as our other favorite , Paradise by Way of Kensal Green (which has a great Sunday roast and fantastic sticky toffee pudding).


I’m putting this one in my back pocket - we’ve just decided to end our upcoming holiday in London proper (rather than out by Gatwick). It’s just one full day and not a Sunday but posts like this will be useful since it’s been 10+ years since we’ve been in London (and first time with our nearly 5-year old spring onion).


It’s very family friendly (the local NCT group meets here).

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It is a lovely place indeed. :heart: