[London] March/April 2019 London roundup

As previously, here’s a roundup of interesting things I ate in London in March and April 2019. Anyone else got anything exciting to report?

Parklife Cafe, Lloyd Park, Croydon, CR0 5RD

“Breakfast bruschetta” (photo) is not quite what one might expect from the name, but rather lightly-toasted thinly-sliced German-style 100% rye bread topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, slivered red onions, avocado, fresh basil, and an optional properly-poached egg. I’ve also previously enjoyed their eggs benedict (photo) aside from the hollandaise, which I found bland and too sweet.

Mr Ribs Kitchen, Unit 10a, Market Village, Stratford Centre, E15 1XQ (website)

I accidentally planned to go to this butcher-associated cafe, known for its meat dishes, on a day when I just didn’t feel like eating meat. But I really enjoyed their beans, savoury and soft without falling apart, served with rice, salad, and fried eggs with properly-runny yolks (photo). Make sure you add some of their vinegar-tinged chilli sauce.

Joyce’s Palace, 63 London Road, Croydon, CR0 2RF

A good rendition of waakye (rice and blackeye beans) served with tomato stew, gari (toasted grated cassava), and shito (chilli sauce) (photo). The waakye had a beautiful texture and the stew had that deep savoury smoky flavour that comes from frying the pureed tomatoes, onions, peppers, and chillies just up to the point of burning without going too far.

Rising Sun, 138 Greenford Road, Sudbury, HA1 3QL (website)

Sri Lankan restaurant with a small pub-style bar area and hotel rooms above. On weekday lunchtimes they only do their set lunch, which should have offered a choice of chicken, mutton, fish, or vegetable curry with two vegetarian side dishes, two salads, rice, poppadom, and curd chillies, but the fish wasn’t ready so I had the vegetarian option instead (photo). A generous portion, more than I could eat, with distinct flavours, good textures, and a pleasant level of chilli heat that built throughout the meal. I’d order it again. Don’t overlook the curd chillies! They’re super-salty but have an excellent flavour when eaten in small bites with a mouthful of rice.

Santo Remedio, 152 Tooley Street, Bermondsey, SE1 2TU (website)

Pork belly taco (photo) was such a small tortilla and piled so high with crisp crackling, meat with just the right amount of chew, and light-as-air chicharrones that it was impossible to pick up and eat; luckily knife and fork were provided. I felt it was a little under-salted and very under-acidulated for the richness, and was grateful for the lime wedge on the side. Looking at other people’s photos, I do wonder if the chef somehow forgot to add the tomatillo salsa that was advertised on the menu.

Hibiscus flower enchilada (photo) included an ingredient — fresh hibiscus flowers — that I’ve never eaten before, which is becoming something of a rarity. They were very good, with an almost meaty texture that made me wonder why they haven’t been adopted by hipster vegans in the same way as jackfruit. A tiny but delicious portion of black beans came on the side.


Thank you for the informative post, Kake. Your photos are gorgeous!

The Waakye from Joyce’s Palace, and the Vegetarian meal you chose at Rising Sun are particular standouts.

Although what an awful, old-fashioned looking website.

Yes, I know that’s got nowt to do with anything. :grinning:

Aw, thanks :slight_smile:

I couldn’t manage all the waakye so took about a third of it home, and had it for lunch a couple of days later with egg stew (just eggs scrambled with fried sliced peppers and some of the tomato stew which I also took home).

I particularly like how one of the pages talks about the 2012 Olympics as something still in the future!

Having said that, it loads super fast and none of the page components jump around when you’re trying to click on them, unlike more “modern” websites such as Hungry Onion…

I suppose it’s like most things technological - it’s so easy for them to have loads of “stuff”, so designers put it in. When I first started with my military history research, I had a basic DIY website. But when it expanded, I got a new one done professionally (very cheap - they were just starting up and wanted someone to practice on) - but I asked them just to make it straightforward and simple for folk to get to where they needed.