Local strawberries in the Boston area

I just picked up some delicious local strawberries at Wilson Farm in Lexington MA. They are Wilson’s own berries. Deep red in the center, and juicy. Any other worthy berries?

I saw them. They were $9 (or so). Were they worth it? Willing to make. Strawberry pie with them if you say yes.

I only bought a pint and they were worth the $3.99. The quarts were $7.99, I believe. I’ll be back for more this weekend. I see strawberry shortcake on the table this weekend, since it’s one of my husband’s favorite things to eat. I’ll also head to Verrill Farm in Concord to check their crop this year.

Isn’t this the Wilson Farms strawberry festival weekend? I have had some from Wilson Farms, purchased last week, that were local, but not their own. Just delicious! Can’t wait to see who shows up with strawberries this weekend at the Union Square market.

Yes, there were lots of signs up advertising the Wilson festival this weekend. As far as the berries I bought yesterday, I washed a few and gave them to my husband. Without knowing they were local, he sort of swooned and said, “Oh, real berries.” Yum.

Kimball Fruit farm has had their own strawberries last two Saturdays at the Somerville union square market. good!

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We bought some of these last weekend, and you are right. They were absolutely delicious. I was only allowed to have one. Someone in this house was VERY greedy.

We have has some pretty good, but not great strawberries so far this season. Last Saturday I bought some at the Kimball stand at the Cambridgeport Farmers Market and then as Wilson Farm a few days later. Both batches were close, but still a bit tart for my liking. I don’t know if they were too early or it’s just the year. I’ll be up on the north shore later today, so going to keep an eye out to pick some up there.

On a side note, Kimball was 1 of only 2 vendors (Stillman meat being the other) at the Cambridgeport Farmers Market. I know it was only the 2nd week of the season for that market, but if they don’t get better turn out than that it is kind of a waste to even have the market.

This afternoon, I picked up a few quarts ($6.99/per) from Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls, NH. They were sweet and flavorful, pretty close to prime. As a bonus their first batch of ice cream utilizing their own strawberries from this season came out when we were there. Delicious.

I asked Kimball last week how long they would be harvesting strawberries. They said they were a bit early this year so maybe a few more weeks.

My advice to smtucker is to get one or two quarts for yourself and hide, and get a pint in your public space for the greedy person who lives in your house.

They were not perfectly sweet, but to me, they are so good, so much better than non local (like our fleeting asparagus season) that I pay out the $$$ when they are around, and slice and toss with a bit of sugar to bring out the juices.

Union Square Somerville has almost the full range of vendors or did last week. The Flats Mentor Farm doesn’t come until later in the season, I love seeing them each year. It’s great to be able to buy from Iggy’s bread directly there. By happenstance I happened to score a ham and cheese croissant a couple of weeks ago, by asking for it. They don’t normally bring them to the farmers markets, but they had one and since it’s not easy for us to get to their store on Fawcett St in Cambridge very often, it was a great treat for me.

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Right. The Wilson berries aren’t that sweet either, but sliced and topped with a bit of sugar, they are terrific.

uni, I think the Wilson berries might be a bit too tart for your taste unless you are planning on slicing and tossing with a bit of sugar. I’d hate for you to go out of your way and then be disappointed.

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I stopped in today to get some berries for the Father’s Day strawberry shortcake breakfast tomorrow, and picked up a large clear plastic container of the Wilson berries that holds 3 qts. for $9.99. That’s too much for the three of us in our house, but too good a bargain to pass up. I grabbed one and shared some with our lovely neighbors.

Union Square market today- the Kimball berries were simply not ripe. Picked way too early; they are white inside. So we settled on the Drumlin Farm berries [selling some stock to pay for them] and they are pretty good. Smaller sized and red all the way through. They were picked at the right time. But for taste alone, I have to give my vote this year to Wilson Farms.


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I know you’re in Somerville and it’s a schlep to Wilson in Lexington, smt, but see my post above. 3 quarts for $9.99. Perfect for jam! Now I have to actually follow through on my intention of making jam at home for the first time.

Thanks for the heads up. I bought some this morning from the Waltham farmers market. Very juice, a tinge tart, but tastey for sure.

I’ll try to get up to Wilson’s this week. I hear a strawberry pie in my near future.

I am in Somerville, but 33 days ago I became a grandmother to a lovely child who lives in Arlington. I watch this child at least one day a week, the perfect opportunity to make a Wilson Farms run. I always find other vegetables to buy while I am there, so well worth the trip assuming I can do it early afternoon before the traffic gets bad.

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congratulations, new grandmother! Best wishes to everyone, and what joyful news.

Oh, congratulations! There’s nothing more magical and amazing than a grandchild. Wishing you all joy and happiness!

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