Local strawberries in the Boston area

I bought a quart of strawberries at Union Sq market in Somerville from Kimball yesterday, and had a very different experience. I did leave them out on the counter overnight (they were totally dry and I wasn’t worried about mold in my quite cook kitchen). Sliced them today and no whiteness inside at all, sweet, and better than the ones I got from the same vendor last week. I think it’s always a chance game with berries of all kinds. Who picks them, which plants, etc. We have only a few strawberry plants in our back yard, and they grown and ripen and vastly different times.

Farmer Dave’s (Dracut), at many farmers markets. I picked up a pint @ Wakefield Farmers Market on Saturday - they are SO incredibly sweet and delicious!

I used to live in Woburn (close to Stoneham) and used to schlep to Wilson Farms at least once a month in the summer. Somerville ain’t THAT far. :slight_smile:

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That is fascinating! What time were you there? Maybe they had pulled out a new flat? We were there for the first bell. Will look again [of course] next week.

Didn’t make it to Wilson Farms today. The grand-scallion was in NO mood for an adventure.

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What types of strawberries do these vendors have in general ? Do they have Albions or Mara des Bois ?

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There was strawberry-picking in full force at Drumlin Farm this past weekend. We did not partake, although people were coming back from the strawberry fields with overflowing containers. How are their berries - any experience? Their other produce looked great, too, but we didn’t know if we’d get home in a timely manner so we didn’t want our produce to wilt in the car.

Smtucker, we got to union square about 10:30 or so, on Saturday, maybe it was closer to 11 am, and they were bringing out lots of different flats as they were going quickly. The guy asked me if I wanted to choose my quart, and I said, no, just go with it.

it’s so hard to tell with the outward appearance of any fruit…you just can’t tell with berries in particular, in my experience.

Honkman, our local berries don’t specify types. I guess you could ask, but our climate here is limited to short growing seasons and we don’t have the luxury that you are used to in San Diego.

No idea, but you could email Wilson Farm in Lexington and Kimball Farm and ask.

I picked up another quart at Paisley Farms in Boxford today. They have been really good the last week or so, we are eating a quart every other day.

Plain berries, on ice cream, rice crispies and my favorite-dipped in chocolate.

They are from Marini’s Farm in Ipswich MA.

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