Local Smoke BBQ in Red Bank

I lived in Oklahoma for quite a while and chopped brisket is the default for sandwiches there , and not related to the quality of the meat. Actually after living in Kansas City for nearly 10 years now I think many of the “famous” places here are in business by reputation alone. After recently sampling “barbecue” in New Hampshire I fell sorry for you kids out east.

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LS are serving chopped brisket on its own, it’s the default option when you order brisket. You have to specifically asked for sliced. And when you do order sliced it is dark brown, dried out, reheated and crumbling.

Not to put too fine a point on it but I’m a KCBS certified judge (one of the few in the area), run my own smoker and have been known to drive 80 miles out of my way to sample a new pit.

I’m also from the middle west and have family in Texas.

So I do know how a properly smoked brisket is supposed to look and taste.

Btw, given the choice between brisket and clod, ie in Lockhart, I always go with the clod.

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Hi !!! May I help you??? May I help you ??? May I help you ???

I feel sorry for us too, but it is getting better.

Lol, no kidding.

Gate’s was always open til 3:00 am. That and mutton were the main inducement.
I agree with Mr. Guy, at any given time, there’s a hundred + que places and about 10 are worthwhile, but all in all, not a bad ratio.

You guys like Jack Stack? It’s my favorite. Lamb and crown ribs are awesome.

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Jack Stack is fine. A place your mother would feel safe in. Not smoky enough for me, but that’s my preference, not anything deficient in their approach.

Yeah, I hear you. One if my personal faves is Bills BBQ on N 24th in Omaha.

At Bills not only are there no tables, they also take and hand you your order from behind a cage:

Bill’s BBQ


Best rib tips in Omaha by a mile, and they also sell smokes and liquor. Best cognac prices in town.

True story: while I was waiting with a friend for a lunch order at 11:40 one morning this skinny little dude walks up to the window and orders a .375 of Courvoisier. Whereupon the person behind the counter sez, “Hey didn’t you order the same thing at 9:30? You know it’s cheaper by the pint?”

Whereupon the skinny dude replys “Yeah, but I likes to pace myself…”

Needless to say if I’m takin Helga, Jack Stack in the old rail shed in KC is on the approved list, whereas Bill’s was take out only…

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My ex is from the Big O. I understand. :smiley:
First by Radial Hwy, then 120th and Center.
They owned Morris Men’s Wear.

Local smoke had two side specials tonight so I decided to try them out ( chili and garlic mashed.) It was an enjoyable meal for 14.xx

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Dickey’s is now closed.

I don’t like to see places fail but after my last visit this doesn’t surprise me.

Jersey Shore BBQ will be opening their second location at the East Brunswick closed Dickeys. Not sure of the opening date.

Good for them!

Went twice for pulled pork…disappointed twice. Really was looking forward to this place being good but as with most every place in Monmouth County that tries pulled pork it fails. I don’t know about their other stuff as have not had anything other than the pork. For us, the best pulled pork in Monmouth County can be found at Sickles Market in Little Silver. Buy it, get some nice rolls, bring it home, make your favorite sauce (vinegar or tomato based) and dig in.

So I got over here again and had a really enjoyable meal. This place seems to be amping up the portions. I got a half rack with fries and onion rings were the special side of the day. The rings were top notch…piping hot, crispy, and not too much breading. Plus their dipping sauce paired well with those crunchy onions. Hell guys, would get over there today to see if they still have those onion rings lol. They were literally almost a meal alone. They stacked me up!

All three of us left with enough food for lunch today. For 14 bucks my half rack dinner was a nice value. The cornbread even looked bigger. Hopefully this wasn’t a fluke. The manager tj is a cool guy too. The place was filled up and quite a few takeout orders were being picked up. It seems things are going well. Hopefully they are doing well enough to offset the “red bank tax”


I have been to Local Smoke in Wrightstown many times. I love their food, however I don’t eat pulled pork or brisket… or any “stringy” meat. I do eat their jalapeno poppers, though. They are stuffed with cream cheese and pulled pork in their award winning sauce, wrapped in bacon, and coated with more of their sauce. I could buy a few of those and have them as a meal they’re so good. I love their garlic mashed potatoes as well. The smoked hot dog wasn’t anything special.

When my relatives come over I got a bunch of stuff and they enjoyed it all.

I’ve not been to the one in Red Bank.


If anyone needs a job, there is a HIRING sign posted on the door of the new place set to open in East Brunswick.

I can’t decide if this is good or bad news as I pass by the Tices Ln location every day and I may end up eating way too much bbq :open_mouth:

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Have they officially opened that location yet? You know my office is only about 15 mins away, would gladly meet you for lunch some time.