Local peaches: why not to refrigerate

Gorgeous peaches at the farmers’ market yesterday. The farmer advised me to let them finish ripening them at home for a day or two, out of the sun and definitely not in the fridge. He then explained that chilling unripe peaches damages them and they’ll never be able to ripen properly. As in: Not. Ever.

Now, I have experienced mealy store-bought peaches plenty of times and never knew why.

He said that’s why local peaches that have never been chilled are best.

Detailed explanation here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/botanistinthekitchen.blog/2012/08/27/do-peaches-belong-in-the-fridge/amp/

Apparently I still have a thing or two—okay, lots of things—to learn from science.



What a bounty. Your tree?

No. Local peaches at Harry & David’s.
It is just peach time here in Southern Oregon.
We have a local u-pick place, Sugar Plum Acres, and my son and wife and grandkid are moving back up from California to help run the orchard, her family farm.
I’m excited. And they’re bringing their goats :goat: back with too.


Wow, having your son, daughter-in-law (if I read that right), and grandchild near sounds wonderful.

Plus peaches—and goats!—as a bonus.

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A piece of heaven…EVEN if in Oregon,. :innocent:

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I didn’t know you had a chip on your shoulder about Oregon.
I’m sorry.
We have fun down here in the Mountains.
I lived in Kansas and Arizona with stints in Sausalito, so this is heaven in comparison.
You gotta admire a state that considers Beer, Pot, and Wine, along with Fruit as leading
Like Bizzaro World Kansas and Missouri.
Sort of the West Coast Vermont.
And tremendous peaches.


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Livin’ the dream!

“Sort of the West Coast Vermont” - very apt description but without the snow lol. :blush: I’ll be heading down there next month for a few days. Can’t wait!

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Do you ever smoke with that peach wood? I’ve never tried peach wood as it doesn’t seem to be around here in stores.

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I have not. They must have a pile of limbs; I’ll investigate and report back.

I hear it is good. The southeast boys use it a lot.

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My life in the Bush Of Oregon…

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Not smoked food, but some years back we had access to an orchard worth of peach wood when they took out the orchard. We burned it in the fireplace and it was the most aromatic wood we’ve ever used, including cherry. Should be wonderful in a smoker.