Local food all along I-95 (DC-FL)

Here’s an update and curated list of good, even great local places to eat along I-95 from the Washington area south. There are no chains and no fast food places, although you can get in and out of all of them promptly – and some suggestions for overnights, depending on your point of origin and destination. https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2020/11/15/best-places-to-eat-near-i-95-from-washington-dc-to-florida/
Additional suggestions are welcome. And who wants to start a list north of DC?


This post reminds me of the Sterns/RoadFood. And I thank for this.

I wish I could contribute north of DC (I’m just barely outside Boston) but I’ve never done that drive from down South. Secondhand, I know there’s good Korean and Vietnamese in northern VA/MD.

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There is, indeed. I’m mainly familiar with Vietnamese places, but they’re a trek from 95. I know some good places on New England but need to check distance from 95. And I need. A critical mass for a blog post. Send me any ideas, and if you can include a comment or 3 and a picture, I can make it a post

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If the Beltway is considered I-95, then we’d guess you might mean the Falls Church area, where we can tout local favorite Mark’s Duck House for a largely Cantonese menu.

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How many miles from exits qualify?

It depends on how good the place is. I’d say 20 minutes tops

Bone Appetit, you’ve raised an interesting existential question – what is 95? I’mm thinking that it’s whatever is the fastest way south through DC. I’ll have to look into that. Meanwhile, thanks for the tip on Mark’s Duck House. I love duck, and will give it a try

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I live in southern AZ, and my trip to Florida to see a friend was dismal, foodwise. They lived in Rockledge. i was expecting some rockin’ ethnic food. Combined with a huge surplus of chain restaurants and my friend’s horrible, alcoholic/borderline anorexic palate, the only local place I saw in Rockledge was a Chinese place as we drove by on the way back from Best Buy. One night we went to the Dixie Crossroads in Titusville. It was like going to heaven. Everything was wonderful, and I’ve been missing those broiled rock shrimp ever since- and it’s been probably 12 years. I don’t know how far off I-95 it is, but it sure was good, especially in contrast to the rest of the time I was there.


Ah, finding a good local place is a true blessing. Life is too short to eat at chains (except now and then, bu t never, ever two meals in a row.

What are your local favorites in AZ? I want to get back there

Just back from trip up I-95 and can recommend Mason-Dixon cafe in Fredericksburg, VA area, not far off i95:

Nice folks, quality ingredients, good food.


Good place! https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/mason-dixon-cafe-fredericksburg-virginia/ Maybe I should admit to the list. I approached from theater direction and didn
t this of it as near 95

I have added the Mason Dixon Cafe to Where to Eat along I-95. Thanks!

no mention of Fredericksburg eats is complete without mentioning carl’s frozen custard, in business since 1947 and still delicious.

I’m in the process of updating to add Carl’s, and to extend recommendations down to Key West.


i wonder if it makes sense to start the list in ny? if so, I have a couple of suggestions…

Sure. I’m always on a mission once I get on the turnpike, and never get off

I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the western side of the Atlantic again but, over the last 40 years, I’ve travelled a fair bit of 95. I wish I had these recommendations with me then. Thanks, John.


Come on back! And we’ll be looking for suggestions when we next travel to the east side

one of our favorite stops is The Dog House in Newark, DE, a short ride from 95, good franks and cheese steaks, decent fries, in business since 1952, iconic signage, one long counter, cheap, fast eats (if there’s no wait).

more to come.

Sounds good. You don’t have any photos do you?