Local food all along I-95 (DC-FL)

here ya go

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here is a Chicago deep dish pizza made with smith’s red and white, mild and hot dortches sausage.


Be still, my heart!

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we’re starting to prep for our trip to fl, on the way there will probably take the most direct route with stops in fredricksburg and lumberton. My wife always chooses the same place in fredricksburg, a little boring, but safe and leaves the field open for whatever hole in the wall I want to choose. Based upon John’s recommendation, we’ll probably stop at shuler’s if it’s a day their open but beefmastor does sound like fun. And I don’t see us passing up gary lee’s after the great meal we had last time.

on our way back we’ll have time to meander, pehaps I’ll finally cross skylight inn off my bucket list.



When are you leaving? I’ll check and see if there are any new/good places to eat in Lumberton.
And an extra stop in Wilson to hit the Beefmastor, then breakfast at Flo’s, amble over to the Skylight Inn for lunch, or maybe Bum’s or B’s.

thanks john, not entirely sure, my wife coaches hs tennis, depends if the team advances to the playoffs, I’m hoping for may 18th, she’s probably hoping for may 25th as it will mean her team did very well :slight_smile: so far we’ve been to arnolds and happenings on elm in lumberton (and the buffet).

if you don’t mind asking about roy’s country corral, looks interesting:…



heading to shuler’s tomorrow!

So jealous!

Wow. I’ve been visiting a friend in Rockledge for the last 4 or 5 years or so, and can’t say that I had that experience. We’ve had fantastic food at the Thai temple, some great, fresh seafood (rock shrimp, oysters, mahi mahi reubens, you name it) at Grills Riverside, and a very good meal at the Pineda Inn.

I’m not sure the Thai temple is near 95.


I’m glad you shared this!
Sigh- sadly, my friend has since passed away, so I’ll probably never return, but I would have loved to see the places you mentioned. My friend wasn’t what you’d call a foodie, her favorite restaurant was Red Robin. And her husband was even worse about food. So I’m not surprised I didn’t get to see any local culinary treasures, but I feel better knowing that they do exist in Rockledge.

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Ah, that’s a shame! Who knows how much changed since you were last there, tho. I look forward to my next visit in early March to escape the dreariness of a too long PA winter :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: