Lobster roll revised...

I had read last summer about this variation and knowing how I love lobster rolls and popovers, I knew I had to try to recreate. The original recipe used creme fraiche and thyme, I did my normal with mayo and lemon. So delicious!!! Will def repeat. Also reminded me how good and easy popovers are.


Very nice (not to mention photogenic). I like the pastry, too.

Lobsters I get here are mostly Canadian and already cooked. If I make it I’d use crab meat as it is more readily available and I can cook it from raw.

Gorgeous! Also I like the filling-to-bread ratio!

I’ve never made popovers - what recipe do you use?

Most of the recipes are simple and similar. From reading around I used the tip to use bread flour, to replace 1/4 of milk with water and a tiny pinch of baking powder. Thinking I might try them for a strawberry shortcake next.


FWIW, you don’t NEED a popover pan. A muffin tin, deep ramekins, or oven-safe cups will suffice. Texture and degree of inflation will vary from one type of flour to another, but the flavor will be good regardless. Thoroughly whisking the eggs promotes optimum rising. Popovers don’t wait, and should be eaten ASAP. They are leathery if eaten cold or reheated.