Lobster Port 1, Leslie & Hwy #7, Richmond Hill “ - Part 2……Darn Delicious Dinner!

This is a follow-up to a recent review I posted a couple of days ago pertaining to a Dim Sum luncheon at this popular venue. The overall culinary experience was an unforeseen pleasant and positive one. As such, a decision was made to check-out their dinner offering. Even with an early reservation made for 5.45 pm, we were told beforehand that a 2 hours time limit will be imposed for our seating due to our dinner-date falling on a busy Saturday weekend.

Apart from a “ Crispy skin, stuffed whole deboned Chicken with Seasoned Sticky Rice “, pre-ordered in advance. The rest of our meal was chosen from an extensive a-la-carte menu that featured some intriguing offerings.

The following dishes were added to complete our menu composition tailored for a party of 6:

  • Roasted crispy skin suckling Piglet with seasoned shredded
    Seaweed & Jellyfish
  • Pan seared AAA Filet Mignon cubes with premium Top Soy, Pine
    Nuts and Walnuts
  • Stirred fry mixed Wild Mushrooms with Lotus Root slices
  • Fried crispy BC Jumbo Oysters with Osmanthus fragrance
    honey-pepper glaze
  • Steamed minced Pork patty with Chinese sun dried preserved

( Complimentary desserts of : Lychee and Osmanthus Jello, Almond Cookies and Coconut Milk, Taro and Tapioca Dessert Soup )

This mouth-watering assemblage of sumptuous, umami-saturated Cantonese delicacies was lovingly prepared and beautifully plated by a skilled kitchen resulting in some wondrously tasty fare.

Hands down stand-out dish of the evening goes to the least attractive looking, classic yet simple, house-special steamed pork patty dish…… exquisite, light, spongy-soft and airy! So ambrosial and delicious, thanks to the salted fish contribution, one could easily get hooked and devour a couple bowls of rice with it alone!!
The younger attendees, with their huge appetite, were great fans of the awesome looking crispy skin sticky rice stuffed chicken. The gossamer thin and crispy skin coupled with the delectable stuffing created a most attractive taste and textural mouth feel. The ever popular Cantonese style wok-seared Beef steak cubes were perfectly caramelized, exuding a wondrous aromatic and mesmerizing flavor profile……if only I knew how to make it at home?!
The plumb and moist Jumbo Oysters, crispy and nicely sauced. The wafer textured suckling piglet’s skin, crunchy and crispy!

Overall, every dish excelled in their own special way, and can easily rub-shoulder or even bested similar creations from other well known competitors in the area.

This near faultless feast must rank as one of the best and most gratifying Cantonese meal I have had in Toronto this year!

And, contrary to some ‘less-than-positive’ reviews/reports I came across, service tonight was extremely friendly and attentive!

By the time we asked for our bill, the place was indeed packed to the rim with a few waiting customers forming lines that spilled partially out onto the parking lot. A testament of this restaurant’s high quality standard and popularity?

Amazed and perplexed as to how I managed to overlook this fine, neighborhood gem all this time. I will borrow Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous immortal “ Terminator “ movie remark by saying to “Lobster Port 1”……… “ YU’ll Be Back!! ”



Thanks for the ’ California Interpretation’!
Interesting…totally different in style!
My Toronto preparation adopted a ’ Peking duck ’ approach to the skin whilst the SF skin is more like KFC, batter approach?!..or like the ‘Taro paste stuffed whole duck’ approach?
Doesn’t matter as long as they tasted GOOD!! Agree?!