Lobster Bisque without the cream?

I’m wondering if anyone has a tried and true recipe for lobster bisque. I’ll be in Maine at the end of the month, and hoping to make lobster bisque. Will have access to lobster in all forms.

I’m hoping for something lactose-intolerant friendly. Some butter is okay, but preferably not milk or cream. Is cream a required component of lobster bisque? I guess “lobster soup” or some other soup-like lobster creation would work too!

thanks in advance for any ideas

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I haven’t made this, but it gets high ratings and is dairy free: https://www.skinnytaste.com/lobster-bisque

You could also use some corn, onions, and peeled potatoes in your seafood broth and puree those to get a creamy consistency.


You could make a Manhattan/Rhode Island/red chowder with lobster, and if you want to thicken it a bit, add some potato flakes for body.

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This is exactly the type of recipe I was looking for. Thank you so much. I think we’ll likely do something very similar to this, even if we don’t follow the recipe exactly.

I’m thinking I’d get a couple lobsters, cook them to get out the meat, use the shells to make a seafood stock, and then use that.

I like the idea of using potatoes to thicken it a bit, too.

I’ll report back on what we end up doing!
Dave MP


Nothing tried and true on my part, but I have long thought that using pureed rice was a traditional way to make bisque…


Sounds good, look forward to hearing your report. If you really want to be fancy and have the best texture, consider sieving.

Pureed cooked cauliflower as a ‘bisquer’?

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Sub soaked and pureed cashews for the cream. Works perfectly and undetectable in flavor.


Cashews are my go to to sub out Heavy Cream aswell.


Rice was the way I was taught when doing my Training.

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Good to know I am not hallucinating about that. I need to save my hallucinations for other things.


Or chemically encourage them🫠

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@Steve and @BierMonk I wanna party with you :star_struck: :smiley: :partying_face:

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Mix whatever you want, but just don’t call it a Bisque

Hi everyone,

This past weekend I made the lobster bisque and it came out great. It contained a bit of butter, but otherwise no dairy.

First I called the local lobster shack and ordered two small lobsters, already cooked, to pick up. Once I brought them home, I took them apart and took out the meat (there wasn’t a lot, since both lobsters were only 1 lb) and then I had two lobster shells. To these I added some celery, onion, carrot and water, plus a bunch of shrimp shells that were leftover from the shrimp we ate the night before. I simmered all of these to make my seafood stock.

The next day, I came very close to following the recipe that ChristinaM posted. I used some butter, sautéed more carrot/celery/onion, plus garlic and tomato paste. I also added in two small Yukon gold potatoes, chopped up. Plus the flour that they recommended (I used rice flour). Then broth and white wine, plus bay leaf and thyme. After simmering for a while, I took out the herbs and used an immersion blender.

To serve, we used the leftover lobster meat that I sautéed in butter.

Super delicious and creamy, and had a great seafood flavor.

Thanks everyone for the ideas

First I made my own seafood stock. To do this, I used the shells from a bunch of shrimp we ate the night before. I also used some celery, carrot and onion. Fin


You will get a much better “Bisque” if you start with uncooked Lobster Bodies.
They are often available from Fish Mongers.

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