Lobster aftermath

Sup HOs?

Every year my friends and I get together for an epic lobster feast, but the frugal bastard in me always felt like there was something that the leftovers could be used for. What do you do with your leftover lobster bits? I once took them and boiled the crap out of em for a while and the resulting broth was pretty putrid (the lobster guts just completely took over the broth) and I’ve never attempted anything like that since. Help me out!

If you boil just the shells you’ll get a nice broth, then toss the meat bits in a few minutes at the end, long enough to warm up only. Not the guts though, yuck! Just the thought of that scares me, they go in the garbage. However if you’re lucky enough to find tomalley in there? That’s a different story, yum. A true chef’s treat :wink:

Add a little cream and some white pepper and thyme on top and you’re set. I put a lot more stuff like shallots and sherry to make a bisque, if you want me to expand on that.

Also, lobster pot pie! Same idea, make a broth out of the shells, thicken and add whatever, a little pie crust, there’s a lot of wow factor in that one.


coll hit the nail on the head, nothing more to add honestly. Good luck!! (where are you getting your lobsters? I’ve seen them on sale occasionally for $6.99lbs but you have to pay attention to who is having the sales)

Pretty much $6.99 everywhere here too, although I’m going in the next few days to my favorite fish store over by the Indian reservation. He has the freshest fish and really good deals. I’ll keep my eye out and let you know.

Agree that it is a good idea to wash out the body before making a stock (I also pull out the “brain sack” - essentially cut the body in half and just get rid of all the soft bits inside)

I find straight lobster stock very strong in flavor (though maybe I just make it strong - I typically make it in Maine with lots of lobsters) and it easily becomes salty. But even in those instances cutting it with cream makes it wonderful again. I rarely use it the same way I use a chicken stock for example (eg as the main liquid in a soup or to float ravioli, etc without cutting it in some way).

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I’m guessing from the answers that people think “leftovers” are the shells and stuff, rather than lobster meat that didn’t get eaten. :slight_smile:

We just never have that much meat left over. But good point.

Speaking for myself, if there is lobster then NO meat get’s uneaten!

I always save lobster shells in the freezer until I have enough to make double this recipe for Jasper White’s Lobster Stock. Sure, you can just boil the shells and get a broth, just as you can boil a chicken and get chicken broth. But this recipe makes a terrific stock that can be used as the basis for all sorts of soups, sauces, risottos. I’ve even used it for poaching fish and other shellfish. It’s extraordinarily versatile and once vacuum packed, I’ve kept it in the freezer for nearly a year.


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