Loaf Pan Material

I recently tossed a loaf pan because it was just too yucky.

What is the best material for a loaf pan?

Alternately, brand names are welcome. Please give reasons.

I am looking to make a regular sandwich loaf either old purpose quite or half whole wheat. Nothing fancy.

What type of bread do you plan on bakiing? Sandwich, rustic, etc? Some types of bread do well in specific pans.

I think she meant all purpose white, but trusted the internet.

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I didn’t proofread.

“I am looking to make a regular sandwich loaf either old purpose quite or half whole wheat. Nothing fancy.”

Meant to write, “all purpose white.”


You got it!

I see all materials.

Cast iron (can’t imagine that); Pyrex, anodized aluminum, etc.

“Aluminized steel” (and cheap):


Best selling:


I think the one I threw out was the Cuisinart and the coating got dirty quite easily, although I admit that I’m not the greatest maintainer of cookware.

I have been baking all our bread for years. I used to use some metal loaf pans whose name I forget, and the bread often stuck to them, despite my having oiled them well. In Cookwise Shirley Corriher recommended Kaiser Bakeware 12" x 4" loaf pans, style number 610-341, for a brioche recipe. I looked for them, found them, and now I love them. They are dimpled. I still need to oil them, but the loaves pop right out. I would never use pans with a non-stick finish.

Mine are aluminum, no coating, with that lip pictured in the above amazon image. Cheapies from the resto supply place

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I LOVE the USA baking pans but don’t have their loaf pan. I have several other shapes and sizes. Best baking pans I’ve ever used. BB&B has them and (of course) the big A.

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I have two – a silicone one (I may the only person who actually likes this) and a regular old non-stick. I don’t do a lot of bread, but I was on a tear once with making the milk bread recipe, which yields a fluffier bread. I liked the silicone for its easy non-stick surface and no extra greasing required. It also was soft enough to allow each loaf to grow into its own shape, which was fun. When I try anadama bread, which is a much heavier dough, it made the silicone sag. No bueno - had to use the regular loaf pan.

I picked up two 8” x 4” metal nonstick loaf pans at Dollar Tree - $1 each. For plain white bread and banana bread. Bakes evenly and loaves pop right out. I do use a little cooking spray. Cleanup’s a breeze. They seem to be wearing well but if they get scratched up or whatever I’ll just throw out and buy a couple more. You can’t beat the price.

I have an 8x8 non stick pan from Wilton that is great, even though i’ve damaged the finish inside (from using metal utensils or cutting directly in the pan) it’s still non stick and once i kill this one I would buy it again.
And I’m sure you’re better about using the right utensils!

I think I have a aluminized steel. I think they all have their advantages. Aluminum is more even heating. Steel is structurally stronger. In general, a metal based loaf pan is probably better.