Little Szechuan [Little Silver, NJ]

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Just put this one up on my blog today:

There is a fine line between nostalgic and dated. Any restaurant that can manage to walk that line and succeed is okay in my book. I’ve written numerous times about restaurants such as Little Szechuan—places that are stuck in the time they were built. When it comes to actual sit-down Chinese restaurants, there are few and far between in this area. I mean actual Chinese, not Asian fusion. The closest to me, and perhaps most well-known, is Middletown’s Crown Palace. But I was there several years ago and the food was bland and decor drab. It was a far cry from what I remembered as a child, and nowhere near what was my favorite of them all: Ruby Palace in Holmdel. So when my friend Patrick said that he knew of a place that was similar to my idea of “old school” Chinese food, I needed to give it a try. We ate there for dinner last month before one of our ghost hunting adventures at the museum.


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Ah the ruby palace…those were the days. Remember those eggrolls? They were like a nerf football lol

The little szechuan has some decent americanized Chinese food with good flavor but do you think the portions are small? I think they are.


Nice review/blog post. On Rt 9 North on the Freehold/Manalapan border is King’s, another very solid throw back. Go for the Pu Pu platter, chicken chow mein and shrimp with lobster sauce.

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Well, I thought my friend’s beef w. broccoli was small, especially since it was, I think, the same price as my orange beef which I could barely finish. So my portion was fine. The slices of beef were quite large.

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Have to try that. Haven’t had a Pu Pu platter in ages. Not many of the sit-down places even have it any more. I remember Ruby Palace had the little sterno grill they would give with it. Some of the takeout places do the Pu Pu but its usually a greasy, soggy mess and is not the same as when you get it in a restaurant.

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Funny reminds me of my favorite red sauce Italian restaurant Jimmy’s in Asbury Park. Same thing, just stuck in time but still producing EXCELLENT food.

I concur Little Szechuan is an great Chinese restaurant and has been for the 24 years I’ve lived in the area. Kind of ironic last night I ate at Crown Palace in Marlboro, Rt 79, and I was honestly very disappointed. Just as you describe the Middletown location, food was bland and he decor was very dated. Almost a sad feel to the place.


How about house of chong? Has anyone been there recently?

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When I was little, Crown Palace was THE place in these parts. I imagine the same moniker for the Marlboro location. I know it has been a few years, but I just remember seeing those awful banquet chairs, the 80’s esque pink neon light that runs along the rim of the ceiling, the tuxedoed waiters who are now senior citizens, and thinking the glory days had not only past but flew right on by.

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And the market connected to the Crown Palace on Rt 35 in Middletown was the best place around to get any hanging bbq meat.

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The market is still okay. I’ll shop there. Though the overwhelming hit of fish when you walk in is not so pleasant when you know the restaurant is going down the tubes.