Far East Taste, Eatontown New Jersey

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Does Far East Taste get no love here? I know some folks thought it went downhill after Richard sold it however many years ago… but I have found it to be just as good as it was, with a lot of the same specials still listed on the blackboard. And tho they dont do their own takeout, with DoorDash, etc, it isnt really a problem anymore if you are willing to kick in a few extra bucks onto the tab. Things like basil fish, egg rolls, spring rolls, everything fried
rice, singapore curry noodles, egg foo young (guilty pleasure), and most of the Thai stuff are my go-tos. And you can specify # chilis per dish - 4 is what I usually do on the thai curries to kick up the heat. the one thing that i dont love are the dumplings… the wrappers are on the thick side for my liking. Tho when i place an order for a family of 5, they usually kick in a dozen of them for free.


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It’s still one of my all time favorite places, I don’t live close enough to be a regular any more.

One of my close friends who’s been going there since 2001 told me the last two times she got food from there it really wasn’t very good. I’ve enjoyed it each time even if the ambiance isn’t the same any more.

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We used to go frequently both for dine in and take out. just wasn’t the same without Richard talking about his pending retirement which was going to be spent fishing! Sooner or later for no reason we just got lazy about going there and have been opting for far too much lousy delivery, which I’m now changing because frankly the delivery places by me s*ck.

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The sautéed pork was actually in relation to Little Szechuan. I can’t vouch for the one at Far East.

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Have you tried Eastern Empire in Lincroft? It’s our go-to delivery place. Their food is good but what really impresses me is their egg rolls. Super fresh and crunchy veggies. Wrap a napkin around one while eating and when you’re finished, your napkin is free from a single drop of grease! My husband loves their basil chicken. Their pad thai is above average also.

When they were closed for renovations, we ordered from Eastern Empire in Ocean. It’s good too.

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Is that the place across the street from Acme? If so that was one of our go-to delivery places as well as the newer place that opened up in the TF Dunkin Donuts plaza, both were “good”, however both pale in comparison vs. Little Szechuan.

Agreed. I was offering you up a delivery place that doesn’t suck.

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Went to FET for a meal with a bunch of peeps yesterday, most of whom have been going for 10+ years now. Food was as good as ever and we all enjoyed our meals. Dumplings were nice and juicy, green curry, masaman curry, pad thai, ginger scallion beef and spicy thai pork were all perfect, and prices still can’t be beat here. If you haven’t been it’s certainly worth a visit, no one in our area is putting out food like this.


Are you serious?? You go for 4 chili? I have never gone above 3 and I thought I was a heat fiend.

Next time I’m there I will go 4 chili and report back.

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