Little Potato Company

(Jimmy ) #1

Any HOs have cooking experience with these potatos?


(Denise) #2

Did you have a particular preparation in mind? I buy a package of Little Potatoes every now and then when I want skin-on potatoes to roast with olive oil or duck fat in the oven.

My local supermarket in MA stocks these (Market Basket). I use them after I run out of the small potatoes from our farm share. Compared to those, the Little Potatoes are much cleaner, evenly sized, and don’t need to be picked over. They’ve been cleaned and sorted. On the other hand the farm share potatoes seem to taste of where they are grown. Little Potatoes lack that distinctiveness for me.

I’m happy to have Little Potatoes available. Otherwise I generally use standard-sized Yukon Gold potatoes if we want roasted or mashed spuds.


(Jimmy ) #3

Thank you for your reply, Denise. My initial thoughts were trying them as mashed (skin on) or oven fried.

I did a where available look up and I would need to drive four miles to the nearest retailer that stocks them in my location. That’s a consideration, because I don’t shop that food chain.

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(Denise) #4

If having a small sized potato isn’t important to you in your prep, then you could definitely go with a standard potato.

All this talk of potatoes has made me hungry, LOL.

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(Jimmy ) #5

My curiosity was raised because I really like food variety; and the package sizes offered would fit nicely in menu planning, leaving no leftovers in our small household.

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I often buy them at Wegmans or Market Basket or Hannaford when I want easy roasting potatoes without having to cut up larger Yukon Gold taters. I like them. And if I’m making a single meal (defrosting a single portion of pot roast, etc.) and want a single portion of carrots and potatoes alongside, I boil just enough of both veg for my meal.