Little India, Edison, NJ- food markets

My wife and I have become more familiar with the Indian markets of Edison, Iselin, Parlin and South Plfd, with Edison by far the most densely populated market town.

This quick list didnt disappoint and led to some great takeout meals.

We have shopped the produce stores like Patel and the sweet shops like Mogul. The quick lunch chains, buffet lunches and formal dinners always leave us wanting more exploration.

What are some of your favorites stops in Little India, Edison?



Wow, this looks like a fantastic start for the uninitiated. Which would be me. Oak Tree Road looks like a go-to destination that belongs on my must-go list.


Denise, you should definitely go, but you may find it overwhelming! If you know anyone who already likes Indian food, having them along as a bit of a guide may help; my intro to the cuisine was via an ex-bf who was Indian, and I vividly remember our first dinner in an Indian restaurant; he ordered 6 different dishes for the two of us because he wanted me to try everything. I still miss his mother’s cooking… :wink:

If you live within reach of Freehold, Aarzu has a FANTASTIC brunch deal; it’s $14pp for an AYCE buffet, and it’s a great (and economical) way to try a lot at once and figure out what you do/don’t like!

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Excellent point. My enthusiasm for Indian food is great though my knowledge is limited. We don’t have anything here in MA that rivals what is apparently on offer on Oak Tree Road.

The next time I get to NJ, it looks like I need to prepare to be happily overwhelmed.


I’m a fan of Desi Galaxy for a quick hit food court for North Indian food:

Chaats, samosas, dosas, paan, indochinese, lalalalala



DAMN that looks good!!

On the sweet end, Gajar Halwa, halwa in general, ladoo and mango lassi beverage are all favorites.

For $15. a lb. you can get a nice assortment of confections at most sweet shops. Our fav shop is Mogul.

Edited to add: rice pudding with rose water and cardamom and ice pops in very interesting flavors. We buy both at the sweet shop.


Palak Paneer a spinach and paneer with spices side dish that is another favorite. We make this at home sometimes but an Indian kitchen really is the way to go.


And, bring a cooler with you. By the second trip this was a must.

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Take a look at the refrigerator / freezer cases at Patel brothers - some of the sweets there are better than the fresh ones (haldiram is a brand to try)

I recently tried Desi Galaxy for the first time and was quite disappointed… might have been what we chose, but I’ll go to Dimple next time

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Wow! I had no idea that my piece on the Galaxy was still up. I’m glad to see that people are reading it. Thank you!

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Copying/pasting from another thread because there are some great tips in here from @Shayna:

Well, this is certainly a topic after my own heart. Our go to Indian place used to be a little place in Manalapan called Indian Grill, but sadly they closed. We are now enjoying Indian food at Sawan on Route 9 in Englishtown. If we just have to have Dosa, we head to Sri Dosa Place in Iselin. We always combine that with a trip to India Grocers in Edison, so we can buy boxes and boxes of frozen Sambar soup. We have eaten at Picnic Garden in Edison many times, an all you can eat Korean bbq. Always combine that with a visit to H Mart right next door, where we can buy live eel (and my husband, being Dutch, will smoke them at home).

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Cool beans.

Not sure where you (@Shayna) live, but there is a dosa place in Parlin (Bombay Talk) at the Route 9/Ernston Road intersection. There is also a large Indian grocery (Patel’s) there as well, and another smaller one diagonally across in the strip mall/plaza (Bhavani’s).