List of BB&B Stores Closing--Watch for Sales

BB&B just announced a partial list of the 150 stores that it will be closing.

So sad

I know the one in San Leandro, CA very well. It’s one of the anchors of the Bay Fair mall, which has sadly been in decline for a while and this is probably going to accelerate things. (The DSW store there was also a pandemic victim.)

None in my area. They closed one a few years ago. I think Hobby Lobby took the space. Never been in a Hobby Lobby …

The one in our area closed earlier this year. It’s been sad to see their steady decline. The latest CEO they brought in to save the day doesn’t seem to be doing that. They decided to change a lot of BB&B’s inventory (in-store, anyway) to their own house brands, including some awful cookware. I was always depressed browsing there anymore and had really stopped going for all intents and purposes.

Me, too. I used to like to browse; then … nada.