Lincroft inn closes

That’s all…per red bank green…

I had heard Tommy’s from Sea Bright had a deal on the place, if so it would be a welcomed improvement. Hell a pet food store would be a vast improvement. I wonder if the owner and her dog living upstairs went with the deal?

I guess Sebastian Bach moved out and without his bar tab they couldn’t make it :wink:.

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They should just sell that place to sebastian and let him run with it. I bet that place would rock lol

I was there the night Sebastian was arrested for threatening to shoot Toby the bartender. I can be seen in the background of the news report that was broadcasting live from the scene.

Sebastian who left NJ after the reservoirs dam broke and the flooding took out his house has been back in the area for awhile now. Recently work / reconstruction has been taking place at his home, don’t know if it’s him or someone who purchased it.

To set the rumor mill straight, I stand corrected apparently the Tommy’s deal fell through. Someone else purchased it, don’t know any info on who or what it’s going to be. - looks like Sebastian sold

Yes he did.

I also heard they were still finding pieces of his place in the creek for a couple of years after the storm.

Thanks, that explains that! Even though the article is dated Jan 2016 and claims he’s living in LA I had heard he had an apartment in Middletown? Interestingly enough there has been a trailer on the property since construction began, I assumed he was perhaps living in it till the property was completed. Myth-BUSTED !!!

Yep, I’ve been looking for some of the missing KISS memorabilia in the creek, since you can never, ever have enough of that, but so far haven’t found any.

Get up, everybody gonna move their feet, get down, we’re coming to your street…

His new place:

Right on the river!

Mr Bach was last seen paddling one of these downriver:

So let’s start a nostalgia thread. What food was good at the Lincroft Inn and which dish do you miss the most?

I have heard the Skid Row-st Beef was good!!!

That’s right, it was a trick question. None of the food at the Lincroft Inn was good.

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So the plot thickens. Apparently there was mental infirmity involved according to the Asbury Park Cage Liner:

Thanks for sharing that link, @VikingKaj - I enjoy learning the history of a lot of this area, so it’s much appreciated.

This has nothing to do with the Inn, but this line of the article killed me:

Over the years of the Daverio family’s ownership, it has undergone eight renovations. Work done by the new owners will be its ninth.

Go figure–the folks at the APP can count! :joy:

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Alright so whats everyone’s favorite skid row song? I’m voting youth gone wild.

Jr any clue how many times has he been arrested there? I know at least two, maybe 3. He was smoking a doob in the parking lot one night and got popped lol

This post would have been deleted in chow hound instantly :slight_smile: man that place is a ghost town. I’d like to recruit jracpa. He is a good guy.

Well APP charcoal starter is not really good at counting or accuracy since I am sure there have been way more than 9 renovations to that hulk since 1697…

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As regards Skid Row songs I like the Ramones…