Let's Talk Hollandaise...

I’ve never made it before, but would like to. I have a ton of questions, but first can I ask those of you that make it what you’re favorite method is. I have a double boiler, Kitchenaid food processor (with the little drip entrance), stick blender, and Vitamix (the small guy).

My only requirement is small batch (one or two servings).

Julia’s method in a blender. A portion calculator is embedded and a video/step by step recipe. I make this sauce while simmering the water for poached eggs.

Even though I prep some things for the week, I’m a big fan of small batch cooking/baking.


Thanks. Q’s:

1.) Do you feel this method cooks the eggs enough, or should I use pasteurized eggs?

2.) What is the serving size? For instance, is a serving for topping one Egg Benedict?

Favourite method is to buy a jar from the supermarket. Same with bearnaise.

They keep for several weeks in the fridge, so ideal if you only need a smallish amount each time. Hollandaise comes into play in this house in late spring, when we are bored with eating asparagus just with melted butter (although boredom doesnt usually set in until very late in the season)

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I use this one. I’ve had success keeping the leftovers in the fridge and gently reheating, like for asparagus.

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I used all sorts of eggs and never saw a diff in performance. But room temp if you can plan ahead presents a creamier yolk. I use 3 T. of sauce per egg because I scoop some into the rest of the meal (toast, sauté spinach, ham) in the sauce. If I wind up with leftover sauce, I also repurpose a day later.


I am surprised that you and @BeefeaterRocks note that it can be fridged and used the next day… everything I have read has said that is not possible.

@Rooster: I was trying to figure out how much a “serving” was in the recipe you linked to (it doesn’t say).

That’s not an option here. Local Safeway shows a Reese brand of jarred hollandaise, it is never in stock (plus, based on the ingredients it is hard to imagine it is anywhere near as good as the real thing).

Wow that is a lot of butter to comparatively little else.

This is the one I’d usually buy. Tastes fine to me - maybe I just have crap tastebuds.


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I set the portion reader to 4 servings when I attached the link. I believe the original setting was 12 portions.

Fresh is def best, not disagreeing there but it can be steamed over simmering water to refresh and use.

Also, Vitamix offers a version on their site. It appears in the cookbook that came with my unit.

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Maybe… but based on the ingredients this look WAY better than the Reese brand I mentioned. Unfortunately, not an option here.

But how much is a portion?

Do you mean a double boiler?

One more Q:
What to do with leftover egg whites (and an egg white omelette is something I would never do)?

Yeah, but not for my smaller unit… it requires 6 egg yolks, and one review mentioned it did not scale down well. My smaller “S” unit may be able to do less (which is a major reason why I bought it) so I may give that a try. But may use the stick blender as (based on some online recipes) that is able to do as little as a one yolk quantity.

You’re way over thinking, try one of our suggestions or not. I like the Hollandaise sauce I make.

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Freeze them until you have enough for an angel food cake.

Yeah (c; that is a bad habit I have when I think I might fail at something.

Try this one. It only used 1/2 stick of butter and make 1/3 cup.