Let's Start a Feeding Frenzy! And a Little Get-to-Know-You Survey


Any worthy candidate to succeed To Hyang, or any good Korean you recommend around the Bay Area?


Shit bouncepass . Your in my neck of the woods . I find the food here to be lacking . Any places you like to dine ? We do have a mecca of breweries .

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If this were Chowhound, you’d both be rapped on the knuckles with a ruler and told that Santa Cfruz is not part of the Bay Area :wink:


Yea , We are Monterey bay .


I wish I could! My friends are hosting a pig roast that afternoon, though. I’m looking forward to your review!


Truth be known, the knuckle rappers were self-appointed mods who always felt the need to correct the uninformed. Such as: “east of Kearny is NOT Chinatown”.

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I never made it to to hyang unfortunately! But I find jong ga house to be pretty solid in general. Plus even as a solo diner they gave me 16 panchan. Han il Kwan is reliably good, too. I liked casserole house but it closed, and I’ve not yet been to the restaurant that replaced it. Gogi time was fun for AYCE BBQ but they stopped using charcoal. Most places don’t, but I prefer it. Does anyone know a place that uses charcoal?

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good to know about Han il Kwan - i mean, validation. We tried it once and liked it, after not having found any other good KBBQ places in the City. We’ll also have to try jong ga house - our Oakland go-to is usually Ohgane.


We all need friends like yours.

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What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in? Bernal, SF.

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)? I crave most types of Asian foods, especially Cantonese, dim sum, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai, HK pan fried noodles, tacos and stand out salsas, ethnic and regional cuisines, laminated dough pastries, raw seafood preps, amazingly fresh seasonal produce, things that are too difficult or labor intensive to make at home, and Champagne.

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise? I read CH/HO to keep up on new places that are opening and new to me places that aren’t reviewed in the mainstream media. I like attending HO downs, but weekdays are tough for me due to long work hours and commuting. I’m willing to drive on the weekends though, if it means an interesting meal.

Things people should ask me about? Food Science (current employment), Marine Biology (former employment), diabetic cats (I’ve had one for ~9 years).


What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?
When I go to a new place, I like ordering the signature or what the hype is about (at least for the first time). Otherwise, I gravitate toward menu items with my favorite ingredients, no matter the cuisine - scallops, fava beans, uni, bottarga, chokes (sun and arti), slow-cooked meats. Or, maybe my answer is just dumplings.

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?
I love learning about places to check out a particular dish, either because no one else does it or does it as well. I used to use CH a lot to just find a random place to check out for lunch to get one item.

Things people should ask me about?
Beer. St. Louis-style pizza.


OK, I’ll bite. What about St. Louis-style pizza? I know someone who moved there from Chicago, and is not impressed with it.


What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?
SF - Mission Bay

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?
Regional Chinese and East African cuisine.

Things people should ask me about?
Sichuan food and where to eat in the DC area. Math and science.


I read that the main difference in St. Louis style is this weird local cheese food called “Provel” . Favored for its peculiar “melt” I assume it’s an acquired taste.


Seconds on Han Il Kwan. We went there around New Years Day, and really enjoyed the panchan (although they didn’t have the little fishies that day) and the meat, but was particularly impressed with the tofu stew, which I’d never experienced before. My previous Korean experiences always brought that odd thin dishwatery soup. I’d go back just for that.


Welcome Jiaozi to the forum! Who do you think serves the best sichuan dishes in the Bay Area?

And btw, how did you find us?


The best I’ve had so far are at Royal Feast. Their mapo tofu revitalized my faith in Bay Area Chinese food.

I found y’all through some articles about the Chowhound diaspora, which I used for restaurant recommendations for about ten years. This seems like a fun, unpretentious community that cares about food, so I figured I’d start actively participating. Thanks for the welcome!


I live in Noe Valley, SF.

My favorite dishes to order are wheat-based noodles, pasta, and dumplings. Two favorites are pierogies, which I’m very picky about, and Hong Kong style chow mein, which I’m not very discriminating about and will order once a year when the mood fits.

I’d like to learn more about Chinese cuisine, which is one of the main draws for me to the knowledgeable HO community. I’m a new parent, so will have to look from afar on that and general restauranting, especially in restaurants outside of SF, at least for a while. On that note, I’m interested in hearing more about quick and simple preparations of the amazing variety of produce we have available to us in the SFBA.

My wife and I plan to walk the entire California coastline so ask me about, and tell me about, coastal eats in California. We’ve completed 25% of the coastline so far, and have been more successful than not at avoiding the tourist traps.


Do you have any favorite Ethiopia/Eritrean places in SF, and do you have any tips (or desires to find out about) specific dishes? I can’t recall specifics, but my general impression was that Moya was better quality than others I’ve tried.


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