Let's Start a Feeding Frenzy! And a Little Get-to-Know-You Survey

(K. Laurence) #22

Where Do I Live? Redwood City

What Do I Want to Know about Food? I guess everything I can learn. I grew up in South Dakota and didn’t have a broad range of food. Before I got married I was a traveling RN all over the country and learned about nuances of our regional food. Now living in the Bay I really want to learn about all Asian food. Going to Ranch 99 many times leaves me confused. I also like exploring the different regions of Mexican foods as well.

What Should People Ask Me About Food? Now that I have 4 yr old picky girl that is very underweight probably how to get supper on the table quickly as least 4 days a week. I really try to follow the K.I.S.S method (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Favorite Thing To Order in Restaurant? Mainly things I can’t/don’t make at home. Japanese: sushi, Mexican: carnitas, Chinese: dumplings, Thai: mango sticky rice. I would love SF HO get together to try new food.

(maria ascarrunz) #23

Hi RHC! stay tuned, i’m trying to get a HOdown arranged for a Chinese sichuanese restaurant soon. Are you able/willing to come into the City?

(K. Laurence) #24

I think that would be awesome. I have every Friday off and have no problem coming to SF. I need about a week notice since hubby plays paintball in So. Cal every other weekend.

(Gary Soup) #25

What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?

San Francisco North Beach/Riussian Hill (in the same flat for 40 years.).

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?


What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?


Things people should ask me about?

Shanghanese jia chang cuisine


Love the focaccia at Liguria also, even though it’s made with some generic vegetable oil, but really (and my Italian instructor agrees with me), a smile wouldn’t cost them a thing.

(maria ascarrunz) #27

hah! i lived in Northern Italy for 5 months in 2005, and have been to Venice 3-4 times, and apparently it costs a lot of them too much!


Actually better focaccia than I had while in Liguria . Hope she never changes her frown . :smiling_imp:

(maria ascarrunz) #29

that’s right. my sister and i went to this one cicchetti place, probably 3-4 times in about 4 days, and the woman there never lost hers. loved it.

(maria ascarrunz) #30

is there a good place in San Francisco to have jia chang cuisine?

(Karen Mezzetta) #31

What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?
Menlo Park

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?
Have to follow a low carb woe (way of eating). This makes life difficult! My favorite things to eat are generally Asian. I really like to order things that are labor intensive so don’t make them at home… Love some of the small plates served in Asian restos like beef tendon, pig ears, etc. Love dumplings, roast duck, roast pig, crispy pata, etc. Love noodles but not supposed to eat them… Love Lao sausage, Crispy Rice Ball Salad, etc. The list goes on & on!

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?
Interested in all the regional Chinese foods & other Southeast Asian cuisines.

Things people should ask me about?

(Gary Soup) #32

Jia Chang basically means home-style, and can be applied to almost any regional Chinese cuisine. The place that most feels like home to me is Taste of Jiangnan, whose chef comes from the same village in Jiangsu as my wife’s ancestors.

(maria ascarrunz) #33

thanks. if i get out there anytime soon, i’ll pick your brain as to what to order.


(K. Laurence) #34

Hi RWC Foodie. I didn’t realize that there was another HO so close to my location (I need to start paying more attention). I too follow a low carb WOE and crave those wonderful noodles/dumplings that I shouldn’t have. If you ever would like someone to jump off the wagon with let me know. It also sound like you know WAY more about Asian food than I do & I would like to learn/try new things with you.

(richard ) #35

I live in the mission district, San Francisco.

I tend to gravitate to noodles, dumplings, and soups at restaurants when I’m on a budget (usually am) but if not I’m looking for Dungeness crab, lamb, duck, sushi. Korean food in general takes me to my happiest place.

what would I like to learn more about? This question makes me think more about what the Bay Area is lacking that I want more of: regional French, non sushi non ramen Japanese, specifically handmade soba since ippuku stopped making it, charcuterie that leans more French and German than Italian, Korean BBQ with CHARCOAL, Texas chili, a place that does a fry up breakfast with really high quality black and white puddings, and lemon meringue pies

I’m not sure what people should ask me. But I’ve had recent meals that I feel I should post about. I was never prolific on chowhound but I remember spending sometimes HOURS in a day reading people’s posts. I kind of miss it and I’ll try to be more diligent about my own.

(Prabhakar Ragde) #36

What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in? The Castro in SF, a little less than half the time. The rest of the time I live and work in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, a food desert.

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)? Something I can’t or won’t make at home (I don’t deep-fry, for example). Something the chef is particularly proud of.

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise? Regional cuisines of all kinds. How to properly pronounce non-NA/European dish names.

Things people should ask me about? How to do things at home when it’s too expensive or difficult to find elsewhere (I roast my own coffee, for example).

(maria ascarrunz) #37

augustiner, i miss it too. and hi, neighbor!

(maria ascarrunz) #38

Hi RWC! long time no see!


What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?
Kensington (near Berkeley)

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?
A cocktail! Ok, well, maybe that is the first thing I like to order in a restaurant. I like to order foods that are new to me or difficult/too messy for me to make at home.

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?
I’d like to learn more about regional African foods. Recently, I was lucky enough to have a home cooked Sudanese meal. I thought it would be like Ethiopian food, but boy was I wrong! The stuffed vegetables reminded me of Greece, the red lentil, purslane, and lamb stew tasted slightly Indian, and baked fish and cauliflower in white sauce seemed French. That meal highlighted that I don’t know much about the regional food in Africa. Now, I’m on the hunt for purslane (yes, the weed) during my neighborhood walks.

Things people should ask me about?
I have way too many hobbies pertaining to food (roast coffee, fermenting anything and everything), but my biggest time suck is edible gardening. Yes, you can grow food year-round in the fog in very little space! I’m hoping this year, I can grow a medium-sized tomato that isn’t mealy (Glacier). Last year, I started a garden in the front yard with the hopes that I’d get 5% of my vegetables from it. Right now, I can get 60% of our vegetables (2 adults) from the garden. The rest I supplement with a CSA and Monterey Market. I hope to someday make that number 90%.


What part of the SF/Bay Area do you live in?
Santa Cruz

What’s your favorite thing to order in a restaurant (of any type)?
Noodles/dumplings/fresh pasta. That’s one thing, right?

What do you want to learn more about, food-wise?
Someday I hope to ferret out a local grandma who sells a proper southern Taiwanese sticky rice (ba zhang) out of a cooler on weekends. I’ve heard faint rumors of one, but I’m all ears if you’ve got a lead, no matter how obscure.

Things people should ask me about?
90’s electronica?


Come to the HO-down meal Saturday if you can- Liberian food! I have not tried Liberian food before. At first I suspect it may be similar to Senegalese food, but then I look at the map and Liberia looks pretty lush while Senegal looks pretty dry. So I am guessing what they grow and eat probably are way different.