Ethiopian in SF

WRT Ethiopian food, I’ve eaten at Tadu (takeout) and Moya (dine-in). I thought Moya was decent but a bit lacking in depth (veggie combo + kitfo), and I found the all-teff injera from Tadu to be quite gritty, a first for me. The other dishes from tadu (veggie combo + kitfo) were, again, decent, but I found the kitfo to be over-buttered, another first. I’d like to try both again, as well as explore other options in SF (Cafe Ethiopia, Masawa for Eritrean, Axum Cafe, Oasis Cafe) and Oakland.

My metric for Ethiopian food is freshness and flavor of Kitfo + quality of gomen wat (collards) + sourness of injera. When ordering I typically get a veggie combo to get a sense of the variety of flavors. If marrow bones are ever available I order them without exception, as I’ve consistently found their preps to be outstanding.

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BTW, does anyone know the difference between Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somalian food? The eating the ban piece in EBX mentions a Somalian restaurant in San Jose- Jubba. Seems like the only Somalian restaurant around.

As far as I’ve seen, local restaurants don’t emphasize the differences between Eritrean and Ethiopian food too much. There’s different nomenclature for similar dishes and Eritrean is more likely to have ful and seafood items.

Eritrean always seems use more Tomato and less Berber

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