Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

I am 50. (February 25th) I am a junior 50+. :sweat_smile:


You’re about 6 weeks ahead of me. But I’m getting there sooner than I’d like!


You guys are just starting to settle in to being in the “seasoned “ elders community.
Valued for your insights.
No rules now



I’m not a fan of Port by itself, but love it when consumed with blue cheese; a match made in heaven!



Coincidentally, the one time I was in Oporto – touring vineyards, lapping it all up – I was giving an impromptu tour to a Japanese woman. We also shared bacalao (drizzled with 500 mL of olive oil, and accompanied by about five potatoes if memory serves).

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No shame today.

Japan is obviously crazy about food, and everything even tangentially related to it.

Food-themed mascots, specialty shops in sea cucumbers, sewer covers with udon on them, and of course, museum come to mind.

Tokyo has a salt (and tobacco) museum, Yokohama has a ramen museum, and Osaka, there’s the Mister Donut museum, and the Nissin Cup Noodles museum:

Funky times, indeed.


Hi all – don’t think I ever replied to this so here goes!

  1. Where are you? Loudoun County VA, raised in RI, also have lived in Maine, Mass, Maryland, and Florida.
  2. What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it? Knowing where to eat no matter where I go so I don’t waste a meal. I have gained some local repute for being the go-to person for Maine food recs. My Insta lobster roll pictures are legendary!
  3. What’s a great food experience you have had? Getting my copy of Roadfood autographed by the legendary Mama Lo in Gainesville, FL.
  4. A little tidbit about you: We have three petits bassets griffons vendeens (PBGVs) aged 14, 9, and 6. One of our previous PBGVs was half sister to Westminster darling Charmaine (runner-up in the Hound group to a dachshund, still the best showing for a PBGV to date), co-owned by the late Ken Caminiti.

Well I need to update item 4! The great Fairchild won the Hound Group circa 2007, and earlier this week Buddy Holly took Best in Show! Hope some of you got watch this wonderful little hound.


I wasn’t familiar with this breed, but I saw Buddy Holly this morning and he’s adorable.


Ditto - saw him on the news last night, and he’s absolutely adorable!


These are our three! The old fellow Willie (who still looks amazing) participated at Westminster in the breed ring in 2011! He is now a great-grandfather.


And probably still looks so good because he’s pampered! (I have a cousin who always says she wants to be a spoiled pet in her next life :slight_smile:


Some pixs of Buddy to brighten up a Monday morning.


Thanks for Nicolas liking my comments. This got me to read this old message. Thanks have changed a lot now.

1. I am in New Jersey, but I regularly go to Philadelphia (at least once a week), and I have a San Francisco root. ← Southern California
2. Online, I am passionate about cookware in general, particularly kitchen knife. In real life, I am actually passionate about different cuisines (eating and cooking), particularly: Chinese, Japanese, Southern barbecue, Indian, baking in general…etc. ← Still interest in cookware. A lot less baking and more stewing. Increase frequency of Mexican foods and less frequent of Indian foods
3. There are so many for me to pinpoint a few. Sorry.
4. I was watching “Walking Dead” the last two nights. ← Stop watching Walking Dead about the time of Negan. Right now, I watch more youtube than Netflix, but I was watching anime Demon Slayer last two nights.


San Francisco, CA
If I really like a dish, I will try to recreate it at home, recipe or no recipe. At the moment I’m really keen on gocouhang paste.
Great food experience…gosh - so many…I’m going to harken back to when I was 18 (~'1988!!) where I had a smoked salmon over pasta in a cream sauce - it doesn’t sound great, but it was simply amazing. I’m still haunted by it today.
About me - I like to eat, and cook, sometimes bake andI I still really miss chowhound!


Smoked salmon in cream sauce over pasta was one of my favorite dishes I had in a little place off of MacLeay Street in Sydney Australia! Quiet little Italian street cafe served a very simple but rather tasty smoke salmon over pasta, not a great dish in my case, but a rather good one that was not expected.

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  1. 32 years - The Madrid Capital … ( Married to a Madrileño) and originally from Zürich, Switzerland.

  2. Dining out & travelling …

  3. Uncountable.

  4. Our married twin daughters and 3 grandchildren … Professional Fashion & Interior Design brochure & Catalog designer for Spanish Printer.



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Thank you … Have a wonderful Sunday.