Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

:kissing: mamachef!
I have wondered how you were doing, and hoping you were finding your place. Contentment is good. :smile:

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Sunshiiiiine!! This is like old home week. So so good to see people again!!


Gio!! Hi hi hi!!!

Where are you?
Right now? Italy

What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?
Don’t care if anybody asks me about it, but most passionate about eating local, admittedly easier to do in Italy than just about any place else in the 1st world

What’s a great food experience you have had?
Tasting new olive oil right where I live.

A little tidbit about you
I’m not on Facebook


Marci!!! HiYa kiddo. So happy to see you here! It’s a great group of old and new cyber friends. Tool around the campus and peek into every corner. I know you’ll enjoy it.


1: Central New Jersey.
2: Pretty much all foods but I’m especially fond of West Indian and SE Asian cuisine.
3: A food crawl through Lisbon.
4: Culinary school grad {ICE},frustrated cook {not enough hours in the day} disgraced and banned Chowhounder .


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Currymouth, I personally prefer disgraced and banned Chowhounds to the Other ones.:wink:


Thank you marci…I prefer to be preferred.

I am a Peter Kump’s NY Cooking School grad - ICE before it was ICE and before it moved to 23 street.


I am thrilled to find all of you here! I am formerly Heidi cooks and bakes on CH.

I am conveniently located in coastal Monmouth County, close to everything if I’m willing to drive a bit. And driving doesn’t bother me, if there is a food reward at the end.

I will talk incessantly about anything relating to food. Once I start, it’s hard to shut me up. And I’m very opinionated, but that’s part of my charm!

I still think about my last trip to Germany, and eating buttered pretzels, those tiny nurnburger (sp?) sausages, and fresh brotchen with butter. I also love shopping at unfamiliar food stores, bringing ingredients home and trying them just for fun.

My other passion is the banjo and bluegrass music. I can’t stop talking about that either. That works out good, because I host a bluegrass radio program.


I visit Germany every year and do the same. Contrary to what most people say about this country I always find something new and interesting on each trip.

Glad you’ve finally joined us here!

  1. Where are you? Southern Oregon coast. Born in Mo. learned to walk in Texas, grew up in California, lived in Nevada & Washington before finding my forever home here.

  2. What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it? Anything food related, I love to cook.

  3. What’s a great food experience you have had. I’ve been around a long time. Too many to list, from early childhood memories of sitting on the front step in the sunhine eating a bowl of Cheerios to last years succulent, briny oysters at Bouchon. I’m going to Europe next spring with my sister and I plan to add any more.

  4. A little tidbit about you.
    I made fuel rods for nuclear reactors. I love music and books. Another murder mystery fan, especially British authors. Oh, and gin.


currymouth, I’m heading to Lisboa end of the year/beginning of 2016 for a couple weeks. I’d love to hear about your food crawl. do you have it written up somewhere, or can I email you, if it’s not too much of an imposition?


Please by all means…

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sent you a message, thank you!

  1. Cheshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

  2. Local foods

  3. Dinner at the Fat Duck - then ranked #2 in the world (if you give any credence to the San Pelli. awards)

  4. Retired employee of a government agency. When I’m not eating, cooking, thinking about, buying food, I now find time to research and write about the Great War. The two passions are combined, as here - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bully-Beef-Biscuits-Food-Great/dp/1473827450


Cool book!! I see you must really admire the author, you chose a handle so closely resembling his name. Kind of me and my hero, that guy Jr. from Chow, gosh I admire that guy. :wink:

Is that Hartley.s only published work or are there more?

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I have yet to be accused of declining publicity.

So, yes, there are more. More specialised than the food book - histories of two battalions of the Manchester Regiment during the war. I became interested in its 6th Battalion when I was researching the men commemorated on my borough’s war memorials (http://www.stockport1914-1918.co.uk/). And Grandad Tom served with its 17th Battalion, so i had to write that one as well. Amazon UK (and possibly the US site) will find you both. And I’m just about to start writing a history of the 6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment - my local Territorial battalion during the war (similar to an American National Guard unit).

By the by, I’m also an admirer of that Jr guy. Wish he’d join up here.


Good stuff my man, good luck.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold