Central Jersey recs


Central Jersey…care to share any of your favorite places? (Originally from Edison myself, now living in Monmouth County)


Right now our favorite holes in the wall is Maria’s Taqueria in Jamesburg: real and I do mean real Mexican home cooking,Tio Pepe, a Peruvian chicken joint who serves Cuy on the weekends and Morgans in Cranbury, a Very good Jamaican restaurant with epic waits but excellent Ox tail stew and cool twist on Jerk chicken wings.

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Nice…thanks for sharing!!

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Also a big fan of Maria’s. Wish I got there more often. Will have to check out the other places mentioned as well.


Can we have a separated central NJ board?

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We’ve barely broken in the NJ board, now you want to get your own Central Jersey board? So we’ll have New Jersey and Central Jersey, which means north and south Jersey will have to share the Jersey board? lol I don’t know CK, I think you’re asking for a lot now.

How about Jersey Shore has its own board? Clearly the Jersey Shore is in its own little heaven? (the TV show told me so)

I don’t know much about Central Jersey, but what about Boom-Boom Chicken for those who like Korean Fried Chicken?

1751 Route 27, Edison, NJ 08817

If there were to be a split perhaps just a north/south as not only the culture differs rather dramatically but also the cuisine. As a resident of a so called “central” Jersey I find examples of both right here in my own town and surrounding areas.
As to the Jersey Shore?..I have no opinion as I’ve never been interested.

The point is to split them away from the rest of Jersey. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Like, Go Away. Go Away.)

Keep talking like that and I will revoke your Knighthood Sr. Apple Pie Horde.

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Holy shit there’s a restaurant serving cuy in NJ? Currymouth - where is this Tio Pepe place??

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On Monroe/Jamesburg border…They only serve it on Saturdays and only if you pre order, But it’s quite tasty and not unlike crispy Lachon. Their green sauce is also quite good with the cuy with a side of fried Yucca and you must try the “Chinese rice”.

That whole H Mart shopping center on RT 27 has a wealth of good eats from BOOM BOOM to little sheep hot pot.

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I like the Korean BBQ place too: Picnic Garden

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According to their website. Inkanto (the Peruvian restaurant in Hazlet) also serves cuy (“Cuy Chactado” and “Picante de Cuy”) on weekends. As always, it probably pays to call first if you are going specifically for that.

I went twice when they first opened and the seasoning was rather tame IMO not to mention there were no tongs available at the tables to turn my own meats, the gas station sushi wooden chopsticks being totally inadequate and you had to keep requesting lettuce to wrap my kalbi.

I did hear that the Korean sauna next door has a pass through and one can order BBQ while between saunas…Soju anyone?

The seasoning was ok for me, but maybe I prefer lightly seasoned food. As for tongs, I am surprised. There were tongs (small ones) every single time I was there. I have been there about 7-10 times now.

The lettuce request is truth. Sometime they do give you lettuce without asking, but a lot of time you need to request.

There is a Korean sauna? Ha ha ha. I guess I didn’t pay attention all these times.

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I’ve never had a lettuce issue. Next time you go be sure to ask for the sesame oil garlic frying dish for the grill. throw a bunch of garlic into it and enjoy…that’s my favorite part :slight_smile:

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You in central Jersey, too, Chem?