Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

I can trip over lint too!!!

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I kept mine the same. And it was supposed to be winecountrygirl and I typeoed and became wincountry girl for life!

Finally, someone else from Westchester. Were you on CH? If so, what was your name there?


  1. I am in Northern Westchester by way of Queens, Brooklyn, Yonkers and Hackensack.
  2. Favorite topics are whatever hits me at the time – I love to browse the posts and dive into topics that seem interesting
  3. Food experience – wow, let’s see. Grandma cooking – you could smell the onions and garlic in the lobby of her apartment building. She made the world’s best brisket (which she called pot roast) and I have adapted her recipe. Then there was the time we went to the French Laundry and, having been there before, I knew we would be invited to the kitchen so I brought my French Laundry cookbook for Thomas Keller to sign. He was so appreciative and humble.
  4. Something about me - – I attended Peter Kump’s NY cooking school when Peter was alive and worked as a chef in executive dining for a bit. My husband and I plan our vacations around food. I can get lost in a good supermarket! I was/am wincoutrygirl on CH.

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I’m a NYC girl living in Central Jersey. Love that most Jersey restaurants are BYO.
I could live on Dumplings and pasta-love talking recipes with anyone who will listen-reading recipes is often almost as much fun as making them,
Having over 20 people sitting down for a holiday dinner around my table-eating all that I’ve been cooking for days-the room gets quiet because everyone is so busy eating-it’s an amazing experience to me.
My mother only broiled and cooked frozen vegetables to death. I guess I am a good co0k now as a defense mechanism! Will try anything new-as will my kids. Have an adult son born in Taiwan who taught us the "real " Chinese cooking-and how to order-have never looked back!!


"I get passionate when I hear people say “I want to cook at home, but I don’t think I can. I don’t have time”

As Michael Pollan says, people say they have no time to cook, but judging by the TV schedule, they have plenty of time to watch other people cook.


Sometimes I think that just makes them more intimidated to try at home. They have all of these expectations of what their food should look like or they expect to be able to do it like a TV chef right from the get go, when the reality is that we don’t see all the mistakes that were made along the way to getting it TV perfect.


Of course. So does my actual cat, Renzo.

Isn’t purrming with contentment one of the aims of culinary boards?


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Where are you?

What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want
people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?
Three come to mind: regional Indonesian cuisines, Japanese snacks and olive oil

What’s a great food experience you have had?
Trying Korean food for the first time. Sesame oil, garlic AND chilies?? Clearly, I was missing out before then.

A little tidbit about you
I have no shame in looking something up - e.g. a menu item - if I have no idea what it is.


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Where are you?
Kensington, CA USA… But no one ever knows where Kensington is, so I usually just tell people I’m from Berkeley. It’s the next block over.

What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?
I like to dabble in fermentation. Currently, I have tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi, vinegar, sriracha, and other fermented hot sauces tucked away. I also can, and my end of summer ritual is to can a year’s worth of tomatoes, which for me is around 100 pounds. Zero-waste is another passion of mine, although I’m far from reaching that goal, so making staples (ketchup, mayo, tempeh) is another passion of mine. Homemade food means less waste, plus it’s really fun figuring out how to make things!

What’s a great food experience you have had?
Last year, I took a cooking/food tour in Sri Lanka, and it was an intimate tour where I got to cook in people’s homes and learn straight from the grandmas. Oh, it was bliss! Those family meals in Sri Lanka will forever stay with me. This year, I’m doing another cooking tour in India. Can’t wait!

A little tidbit about you
I carry around my own stainless steel take-out container and I also have a DIY boba cup, complete with a fat straw, I take to tea places. Even in Berkeley, the boba places are really thrown off by me wanting my drink in my personal cup, and sometimes they charge me more.


And Church’s has fried okra, or they did last time I went. It’s been a while.

oh wow, i lived in Kensington, CA for like 6 years! loved it up there (near Young’s Market) i’m in the Mission now.