Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Hi John.
Welcome. The more the merrier!

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Hello and welcome to HO. ((Just a FYI merged your thread into our introduction thread since that is what you are really doing here. Since we have this thread established I just move you over here)) So welcome once again, please enjoy if you have any questions please let us know!


Hi John! While most of the contributors here do hail from North America, we’re interested in good food from everywhere.

Some of us love to travel (when we can) and I believe most of us truly enjoy “travel” through reading about food from anywhere. Welcome!

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Welcome to HO, John! Lots of good eats on both sides of the ocean. Looking forward to your contributions.


Don’t emphasize the distance TOO much; from St. John’s (near the easternmost point in Canada), it’s a shorter flight to London than it is to Vancouver (near the westernmost point in Canada). :slight_smile:

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“One of us. One of us”. ( It was in a movie, )



Yes, I’ve noticed that, but I’m thinking I remember it from “The Usual Suspects”.

Very possible. I haven’t seen that movie in a while, but I remember it being full of references. Starting with the name, which is a phrase from Casablanca.

(Though this page shows that the phrase “the usual suspects” was already a thing ten years before Casablanca - I never knew that)


How about that! Thanks, very interesting!

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I can never find anything that explains my memory of this phrase, which I love*, and somehow attribute it to Whoopie Goldberg, and I am sure it wasn’t “Freaks”, which I find way too disturbing to tolerate even briefly.

It was some con movie. This is a compilation and I don’t see it.

*I find myself thinking of it whenever I hear someone share their immunization status!

Okay, this is not how I want to introduce myself.

Oh wait! “The Player”


Welcome, John!

Being that I am scheduled for my vaccination today, I guess soon enough I will be “one of them” then you too can become “one of us…one of us…one of us…one of us…one of us…”

(this movie scared the crapola out of me as a child and if I were to see a watermelon truck on the road as a kid I would freak the “f” out)


Thanks, everyone… :blush:


The 1978 one is even scarier.

Those few words really make an impact wherever they appear - being “one of us”, “not one of us”, or “one of them” seems to have been a driving force behind many of humanity’s greatest most inspiring successes, and many of our worst and most despicable failures too. Those words have a lot of power; far too much power if in the wrong hands.

In this case, for you in particular John Foster: You, and that power, are in good hands here. Except for NotJrvedivici. :rofl:


And for many of them, you don’t even have to actually mention the words - only imply that someone is “other”.

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For that matter, tacit acceptance of the implication when someone else has made it is enough. There’s lots of “plausible deniability” to go around.

Very much agreed. But I suggest we now move on before we hit discussing things that are best discussed elsewhere than my favourite food board. After all, I don’t discuss food on the politics forum.