Let me introduce you to the Ignore/Mute Feature

Dear Fellow HO Users,

Before I get to the ignore feature there are a few things I would like to say. For those of you who know or are familiar with me, you will know how to accept this “critique”. For those who do not know me, well perhaps you can start using the Ignore/Mute feature on me!

I’ve got to say I’m growing more and more disenchanted with this forum, even as a moderator, my enjoyment of this site has greatly diminished over time. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the site, it’s the interactions among you/us that has me honestly disgusted. This is supposed to be a “community” of likeminded people, this is supposed to be a refuge from the “real world”. A place we can come and share our “supposed” common enjoyment of food, not some kind of Culinary Pissing Contest.
I’ve never seen so many people HAVE TO be proven right. I’ve never seen so many people have to confront someone instead of just accepting their differing opinion. This is supposed to be FUN and ENJOYABLE not cantankerous. Nope, some of you can’t just scroll by things you MUST instead you MUST insert your often ignorant or downright offensive objection to someone else’s opinion.

Let me share something I’ve learned in life about “opinions”; Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, just some stink more than others. We are supposed to be adults, why must we act like petulant children? We frequently discuss the “art” of ignoring people’s comments or of scrolling past people whose opinions you don’t agree with, but no you must confront. Have you not heard; “Please don’t yuck my yum”.

So let’s try to make everyone’s life a little easier and learn there is a Mute/Ignore feature on this site. Please follow these steps:
Click your avi
Click the user outline (4th button to the left)
Click “Preferences”
Click “Users”

This will get you to here:

From here you can “ignore / mute " any user(s) whom you find so annoying you simply lose all self-control and cannot scroll past their posts, do the above and *poof” you won’t’ see anything from that person again. (yes some threads might get disrupted because suddenly certain comments from certain users will be blind to you) so if that annoys you then GROW UP.

The saddest thing about this entire conversation is this; we are nothing more than a microcosm of society these days. (I’m not just speaking the US either) If you have completely lost the ability to converse in a polite, constructive manner, then please DO NOT COMMENT AT ALL.

If you are unable to stop yourself from commenting (repeatedly) to someone you find yourself in disagreement with, then Mute / Ignore them for a while. Take a break and afford yourself the opportunity to continue to use the site, without the person who annoyed you distracting you.
Once you mute someone you can unmute them too.

I do wish you all the best meals, longest lives and happiest moments life can provide. However, I just don’t understand how a forum that is supposed to be a distraction from the real world, has become equally as dysfunctional and disruptive as the real world.

(oh and I apologize in advance for numerous typos and grammatical errors I’m sure this post is full of. I am truly not an educated person, so I’ve never truly learned the art of proper writing, punctuation etc. So, if my ignorance to proper writing annoys you, scroll past my future posts)

Happy eating people…


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Know when


Both here and on another (not food) forum, I’ve found the ignore feature invaluable. It needs to be used most sparingly only for those contributors whose posts regularly just spoil your time on a forum. It’s the equivalent to the loudmouth in your favourite bar - the one you can’t ignore and, once they start sounding off, you know the only solution is to make it an early night.


Yup, here is a perfect example:


Exactly ! That certainly makes me put my device down and walk away for awhile.

Well, I’ve heard you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but “of which this post is full” sounds like crap.


On a serious note, you might consider doing that ModPowerActivate™ thingie and putting this up in the general announcements if you want a larger percentage of HOs to see it. This sub-forum (Not About Food) is way down on my browser and I seldom scroll down to it.

Thanks for your efforts.


First off, I have unfortunately engaged one or two folks here who I feel basically disparaged my contribution to a thread… which I regret (and have since placed those on my ignore list so it doesn’t happen again).

And while we see likes received, unless I have missed it, there is no method for flagging posts that are not contributory and little else than argumentative (or “unliked”). IMHO, an “unliked” flag is just as valid as a “liked” flag… available to see in a user’s profile, and a dataset that might be used to issue warnings.

I think that if that if I saw users’ “dislikes” of my posts in the same area I see the likes, it would have me rethinking them.


There sure is: under something else - can be used to ask for tags, corrections to your OPP and for that very reason.

Mind you, @ScottinPollock it is up to the moderators to agree or disagree to remove it.
Interpretations of words are very subjective.
It surprises me how people have their own meaning attached to a word based on how they are feeling and what they are going through, at that particular moment in their lives.


Hmm… still seems staff based, and not a public “dislike” as I was suggesting. It is also not immediately available to the poster… so unless a staffer intervenes, the poster has no idea their post was disliked.

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:-1::+1: Would definitely do the trick.

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I am hopeful that would be the case. It would certainly have me reconsidering anything I posted.

That only works if you don’t suffer from impulsivity.
Also how upset people are and whether they are able to think rationally at that particular moment in time.

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I think you’re talking about a basic thumbs-up plus thumbs-down type of system (or here we’d have a down-pointing knife/fork).

[Edit - I see now that is the case. I should learn to scroll down a bit more in thread before replying.]

I’ve seen these in some places and, just my opinion, they sometimes turn into tools for cliques to wage war against one another. The thumbs-up can be similar, but seems a little less alienating.

I don’t have anyone on ignore, but there are some folks I mostly skim past their contributions.

Of course, I read all of your contributions, Scott!


Agreed. And that is why I also suggested the “unliked” dataset be tracked, and if too high a ratio, warnings sent, and then banning if the numbers don’t change.

The community as a whole would essentially be in charge of who is welcome here.

Over the years I have been an admin of a number of forums where I have banned users based on their posts/behavior. It was always a difficult decision. I would have loved a mechanism that measured the feelings of the entire community.

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I also believe that depends on what people are :fork_and_knife:and that determines how alienated a person my feel.

That’s very dangerous especially for newbies.
Many people on these types of forums have friendships and have met in person so it does create clicks which could be uninviting to a newcomers.

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True. I read a long discussion on another forum where the basic question was asked, “What does it mean when you give a like?”

People explained that they might love the whole comment, or might be neutral or even disagree with half of a comment, but really agree with one part and still give it a like. Or just the simple fact that they had started the thread and wanted to thank all who contributed to it. Or they disagreed generally with a comment but it still really made them think.

Some people also admitted that they’d give a like to a comment if it was dissing another commenter they didn’t care for.