Less unhealthy chopped liver

I bought a container of chicken livers the other day and made one meal of typical sauteed liver with bacon and onions. Then I had a hypnogogic inspiration for the remainder. Instead of the usual generous amount of schmaltz used in making chopped liver, I used a tbsp for about ten ounces of liver with a medium onion and two eggs, with the addition of about a third cup of garlicky hummus. This achieved good texture, with flavor quite close to the traditional recipe.
For all I know, however, such a dish already exists and I have reinvented the wheel. Wouldn’t be the first time!


Sounds yummy…having been eating since it was put in my bottle as a new born, as I get older my guilt grows…this sounds like a great compromise.
I know some have suggested using a low fat mayo instead of the schmaltz, and egg whites only…

On the other hand – a long time ago upon discovering duck eggs in the market, we started making chopped duck liver using duck schmaltz to complete the trinity.

Dope-slap needed! I used schmaltz that’s been in the freezer for years instead of the much newer duck fat in the fridge.

Even regular mayo is a poor sub. The mouth feel is wrong. I think I’d miss the flavor of the yolks. I once bought “vegan chopped liver”, made with lentils and tofu, because the deli clerk said people love it. These are not my people. But come to think of it, lentils cooked to mush (those in the vegabomination were still intact) should work as well as hummus.

Sounds delish to me! I may have to steal this idea!

If you ever want to try a faux version this one fromdavid lebovitz is fantastic- lots of walnuts along with the lentils and mushrooms so it’s quite rich. I often bring it for gatherings with non-vegetarians and it’s gobbled up quickly. Lots of terrible other recipes out there so this is the only one i make anymore


Highly recommended- Ttrockwood converted me!

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