Lennox Spice Village--Do You Have Any?

Apparently, these containers are a thing–again.

I must have been in a coma. I don’t recall these at all, and I have amassed a lot of china over the decades.

Yeah, Rip Van Winkle here, too. My issue with these containers would be wasting the space the “village” would need.

Agreed. They could video The Hoarders in my kitchen- except they wouldn’t be able to wedge the camera in …

A miss for me here. My grandmother collected Lladró ceramics among others (I have a relatively rare Royal Dalton Groucho mug I got when she passed).

But these were never on her radar, and not on my mother’s either. Which is odd because these would have been right up her alley at one point.

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I saw this heating up on Instagram last year .

I would love to have them if they were not expensive, did not take up so much room, were not so kitsch (maybe if they looked like spice jars, had clear labels, and came packed with terrific spices in just the selection I like), and did not require a special cabinet.

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So, what you’re saying is you’re all in?

I think we look at this much the same.


I remember these being a 4-color glossy ad in Parade magazine on Sunday mornings but dont remember ever wanting them.

My mom has an award winning collection of straw yellow herbs that outdate me.


So this is real


Very much so. I still see them at thrift shops feom time to time.