Lebovitz Spinach "Cake" yummy but releases too much liquid

Really enjoyed David Lebovitz’s recipe for what he calls spinach cake. The instructions specifically state to save the liquid after sauteeing the spinach. But it oozed too much juice after plated. Got suggestions?

put the spinach in a colander and squeeze it dry.

did you dry the spinach really well before cooking it?

lebovitz says it remains very wet, but you might consider cooling the mixture on a towel instead of in a bowl or possibly cooking it a bit longer. yours may have been underbaked.

I kinda thought it wasn’t a good idea, but the recipe explicitly states to retain the liquid when blending the spinach and then putting the mixture in the baking dish.

i didn’t “dry the spinach really well before cooking” so maybe that was the first error. good call, hotoynoodle.

underbaked…maybe but there was some parmesan cheese on the top and it was starting to brown.

the flavor and presentation was wonderful, so I will try again. Thanks for the feedback.