Leaving NY and heading south

Hi fellow NY/CT HOs. Just wanted to let you know I am moving to Florida on Tuesday, but I will continue to moderate on this board. I will miss my favorite places. Sadly, I just rediscovered the Barn at Bedford Post. Chef/Owner is truly gifted and the food is excellent. My personal favorite, the tarte flambe!! Of course, I will miss 121, Locali, and TerraSole in Ridgefield. Food in Palm Coast itself - eh, but food in St. Augustine is looking good, as are some places in Daytona.

I’ll still be here on HO so, anyone been anyplace good lately?


Good luck with the move! All the best to your “new life” and home!

Take care on the road and have fun discovering new/good eats along the way!


Good luck and safe travels! We will miss you on the NY board. Looking forward to reading your contributions elsewhere!

I wish you good fortune in this next stage of your life.

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Safe travels and all the best.


The Ice Plant in St. Augustine is worth a visit for the cocktails and food.

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Hi Gwenn-
Hope Florida works out great for you, but sorry to see you go.Might want to see if barstool pizza (youtube) has been thru your area. He’s actually pretty accurate on his reviews if you can stomach watching him. take care of yourself and family and remain a New Yorker (wear a mask).

Thank you all!!! I’ll still be here though!!

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Well, it’ll be warmer, anyway. And fresher seafood (smaller fishing boats that work on a one-day basis)

This list of places to eat close to 95 will come in handy on your drive to Florida – https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2020/11/15/best-places-to-eat-near-i-95-from-washington-dc-to-florida/

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Welcome to the Sunshine State

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hi gwen,

we have a vacation place in st augustine beach and my sil lives in flagler so we’re in palm coast a bit. At the risk of making it even harder to score some of their baked goods :^), Delicias of Portugal Cafe & Bakery has fabulous Pasteis de Nata but they sell out quickly. It’s worth working your way through their other pastries and bread, some wonderful, some just so-so. We also like their European take on cappuccino (whipped cream and cinnamon).

Our two favorite restaurants in St. Augustine beach are The Purple Olive and O’steens. In St. Augustine proper, we love the Floridian and Collage. Finally, if you get a hankering for NYC style pizza, Pizza Time in St Augustine is good (though not as good as their blaring signs proclaim).



Thank you! We have found two very good pizza places in Palm Coast - Joe’s NY and Terranova. Tonight we are trying Osteria Rustica in Bunnell. We will see. So far in St. A we had lunch at Colombian. Pretty place but a bit touristy. We are heading to St. A today because I found a place that sells good cheese. Around here I can’t even get a piece of Manchego, let alone good parmigiana. We will have to try Delicious. I’ve heard great things. As well as your other suggestions. If you think of anything else, I’m all ears!!!


If you ever find yourself down in New Smyrna, there’s a great little Italian place on US1, called Baci. I’ve never had a bad meal there. Same goes for Millie’s, beachside in Daytona. I’m a vegetarian and they always have something great I can eat, and my parents rave about the seafood.


every place in st augustine is by definition touristy, so I suppose the challenge is to find interesting food at a fair price point. perhaps we should post in the fl forum (if there is one), in daytona beach we’ve been to carribean jacks…it’s a scene but right on the water, live music at night and if you keep it simple, the food is pretty good and well priced.

I know this is going to sound strange gwen but we’ve found the steaks at walmart to be far superior to publix. Walmart started sourcing their own black angus steaks and generally we’ve found the ribeye/tomahawk fabulous.

yes, pretty tough on the cheese and bread front, I started looking at mail order but eventually realized trader joe’s was about an hour away in jacksonville. they also sell good, well-priced wine, you may want to consider the occasional trip and combine it with a jacksonville-based eating adventure.

give a shout if you find good chinese food…I’ve pretty much given up on finding anything authentic.


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We have the wine covered here at ABC. Great store. Someone told me that the meat in Walmart is very good. As a matter of fact, from a butcher! We have a couple of places on our list to try in St.Augustine as well as Daytona. Llama, Raintree in St. A and the Cellar in Daytona. I’m not quite up for a ride to Jacksonville yet, as we just drove here from NY!

Good to hear about the meat at Walmart. Will have to check it out

I buy so few steaks. We eat fish most often, then chicken and burgers which I grind from a chuck roast

some of the fish at walmart looks pretty good, don’t be fooled, we had to throw it away. Our condo is on the water and I surf cast for fresh fish…there are also two good fish markets in st aug beach, kyles and fisherman’s dock, the latter is closer to palm coast, the former has more variety and interesting selection.

btw, the brisket at walmart is also very good and well-priced but our condo doesn’t allow smokers :frowning:

hoping this will be a great thread for us to share our food adventures!


G,ad to hear about the brisket. I do a mean braise!

Braising a brisket!! Oh the agony! What did the poor brisket do to deserve such a cruel fate of being boiled until it falls apart?That’s so mean (see what I did - :rofl:). Better to slowly smoke it into submission. YMMV.

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Not boiled at all. Seared and slowly cooked in wine and broth. No boiling here!