Leaving NY and heading south

i have a generational recipe for a texas hill country braise with dried chili peppers which is just fabulous. still, you have to purchase a whole brisket (flat and point) at walmart, lotta meat for two though we do foodsaver leftovers…

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Outside of some frozen fish from BJs, steelhead is about the only fresh fish I buy from them. I do some fill in work in Largo and go to a little seafood market close by for lunch. It’s a tiny place with a cooking trailer out front. Grilled Grouper sandwich is my standard order for lunch. I be there Monday for sure and always bring a cooler and stop back before heading home for a whole side of red or black grouper

Brisket makes great leftovers!

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gwen, I was thinking about your hunt for manchego and I’m pretty sure the publix closest to the portugese bakery had a better cheese selection than our home publix in st aug beach. You might swing by if you visit the bakery: Publix Super Market at Island Walk at Palm Coast


I’ll check it out, thanks.

we’re heading to st aug in about two weeks, probably will stay until mid dec. My SIL lives in flagler and we charge car in palm coast, any recent food adventures of note?

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Yes. We ate at The Cellar in Daytona a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful and very good northern Italian. I had veal in a porcini sauce. Ate at Terra and Aqua in St. Augustine Beach. It was good, more casual. Good looking pizza.


On a more Palm Coast note we still kind of like Piazza in European Village. Also, we found a place that smells and looks like a Bronx Italian in the 50,s and the food was good. That is in Flagler beach and called Romano’s Tuscany by the Sea.


thanks gwenn! my SIL looked at apartments in the european village, I recall a vietnamese restaurant that looked pretty good but we didn’t give it a try. we love red sauce joints, haven’t found a lot of great italian food in florida, looking forward to trying romanos!

we sold out place in westchester a couple of weeks ago and will be splitting time btw nyc and st aug beach.

Great! Where were you in Westchester?

we were in croton.

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gwenn, it seems like we should start topic about daytona/flagler/palm coast/st aug beach/st aug eats rather than continue to post in the ny/conn forum. I guess the “all other us, carribea, americas forum”?

it would be nice if we could have a fl forum…

Yes, I started to post my initial thought about Florida, but I don’t think they will start a Florida board because there is too little action. We can post in the one that says all other US, etc, unfortunately. But if we can get something going who knows

It’s curious that there isn’t a Florida board. It has more population than all states but CA and TX, and millions of people go there every year — and eat.

Let move our discussions to the other states category and if we can get active enough, maybe we can get a Florida board.

There are a few, VERY few, of us who don’t “appreciate” smoking everything. So, sign me up for a place at @winecountrygirl 's table. What can I bring?

Westchester bored (yes that’s the right spelling).
When the most active part (only(?) active part), is about florida. time to bury this board finally. The only news I’ll report is made it to the opening of Sally’s pizza in Stamford. Far better than the Yonker’s Pepe’s but not up to their best effort, although it was day one. However having to order take-out separately (their new system) stinks, by the time I returned to my table, my eat-in had been delivered and was just sitting there - blech!

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Sorry @richb51! I kind of hijacked the board.

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That’s not a problem, at least it got some use, but if that’s the only thing on the board , doesn’t say much for interest in this board

I know. I don’t k ow why we just couldn’t spring up much on this board. Maybe it’s Westchester!

personally, at least in lower Westchester, I’ve never found much to recommend- mostly over-priced and under-seasoned. As far as “variety” traditional red-sauce, or traditional red sauce. Too many (identical Italian restaurants). I used to think (and to a certain extent still do) think it’s we’re too close to nyc. We get their pricing but not the quality or competitiveness to make them try harder. Ah well, hope Florida is everything good for you

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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