Leaving Induction for Gas?

Took less than 12 hours!


If you’re sincerely considering induction cooktops that heat more evenly, just let me know and I’ll send you the top-rated models by Which Magazine, a Consumer Reports-style publication based in the UK. The models themselves are mostly sold in Europe, however, which may be less relevant to you stateside. Still, there are now 12 models that rate 4 or 5 stars in terms of evenness, which compares with only 1-2 models a couple of years ago and precisely zero when I was shopping for a new induction cooktop in 2017.

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I’d be interested in one or two for further research and because I’m curious in seeing the latest induction technology since I haven’t looked in 5 years. Wife and I have pretty much settled on going back to gas after talking about it more though. Thinking we’re going to go with the GE Monogram 30” four burner. Giving up the double oven we currently enjoy with the Cafe, but like this range a lot.

No problem. The models that garnered the highest ratings for evenness: Siemens iQ100 EH801FVB1E, AEG IKE84441FB, Neff T48FD23X0, Indesit IB21B77NE, Indesit IS83Q60NE, Hotpoint TQ1460SNE, and Hotpoint TB3977BBF. There are also a handful of IKEA models that get rave reviews for evenness.

FWIW I’d always opt for an electric oven over a gas oven, in case there’s any option for a model that offers both.


There is a dual fuel option. Almost $1k more, but I want it. We’ll see how it plays out.

Thanks for the induction models. I’ll check them out!

I just got the gas 30" Monogram and so far I really like it. It is worlds better than my 20 year old Kitchenaid pro ever was. I thought my issue was the LP conversion but the GE is worlds better. The front left burner is as hot as I would want anything to get, the simmer functions well and the easy slide racks in the oven are great. I am still getting used to turning oven knob to the left to change temps higher. I have never had one set up that way before. That would be my only complaint. I almost switched to induction, but I decided that I would end up scratching it up too much or cracking it. Plus all the models I liked were out of stock.

I waited a long time in hopes of getting the Cafe one I think you have coming back in stock and gave up. I see now that they are acting like it will be back in stock in March. Don’t believe it. This time last year they said it would be in stock in May. If you decide to stick with an induction, you might want to figure out how to take your Cafe with you when you move since you seem happy with it. I do not think there have been any significant improvements to induction since you bought yours except for the bridging that someone already mentioned. Lots of brands are having supply issues. I considered getting a wolf instead of the GE but my sales guy could not promise I would get it anytime soon. He guessed 6 months or more. I was sick of waiting since my oven was broken.


Thanks for posting, we have been discussing induction vs gas for an upcoming renovation, and think we will stay with gas.
Monogram has a buy one-get one (or 2) through the end of the year. https://www.build.com/mediabase/specifications/rebates/monogram2022.pdf
I haven’t read the fine print yet, but might be worth exploring.

And I recommend cooking bacon in the oven instead of the stove.
375 convection 10-15 minutes depending on preference, on a foil lined sheet pan.
Easy clean up and even cooking

I also wonder how many years are left in my induction range. Eventually the elements are going to pop/burn out. Then $$$ to fix. Gas seems to last decades with minor issues.

I’m not turning my back just yet on Blue Star - the open burners are so appealing - but hearing the oven door gets hot which isn’t great.

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I liked the Bluestar too. I decided on the GE Monogram because it has true high heat self-cleaning oven (not steam). I know that people have had problems with the self cleaning function with many brands have but it worked great on my old Kitchen Aid. I have not used it yet on the GE. Hopefully it works just as well. If you cook with a wok frequently, the blue star would be nice. The GE does have the reversible grate for the wok. I have not used it for that much, but I suspect that serious wok enthusiasts would not be very impressed by it.

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For wok cooking I’d probably buy a flame cone insert thing anyway to direct the heat more towards the center. I have an outdoor 165k btu wok burner, but being an outdoor thing I don’t use it as much as I like. Indoor wok cooking would be a lot of fun.

Just found it, it’s called a WokMon.


That made me stop and think. No reason they couldn’t be, right? Folks’ve been induction smelting ores for some time.

Edit - looks like it’s already a thing. (Just a random patent grab, nothing in particular)

Nothing to say about induction as I’m a neophyte there but have some comments on the gas stove.

I’ve had the GE Cafe gas for about 12 years. Main oven is gas (and huge, I love that) and capable of 585-590°F max if I doink around with the programming (550°F max as-writ) and the smaller second oven is electric and only goes to 450, but I still like the flexibility of having the 2 ovens, especially when hosting and lots of stuff needs to be cooked, sometimes at disparate enough temps.

My rangetop has I think two 18K burners in the front (so the newer Cafe and Monogram models you’re looking at are upgrades). I’ve never gotten much use out of the center elliptical burner other than heating king crab legs in a large oval roasting pan. I thought I’d use that griddle/grill option more (I’d put in exterior-venting hood at the same time as I got this stove) but really with my large family it’s just not been large enough to be useful compared to the outdoor grill, and in the end it has just been a wasted burner for us.

If I had to do it again knowing what I know now, and assuming the Monogram was available back then, I’d have gone with the 4 larger burners instead of the Cafe with the 2 large, 2 small, one elliptical.

Looks like it might be my next stove if this one gives up the ghost. Aaaand of course by yearning for a new stove I’ve just ensured my current one will last forever.


Yeah. Once the uneven heating issues are fixed.

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LoL - if I understand your comment right!

I own 3 Demeyere Proline frying pans (28/24/20 cm) and cook on gas.

I know not all in here are fans of the Demeyere Proline pans (Damiano disliked his Proline pans and felt they were overhyped and not worth the investment and he also cooks on gas), but for me in my gas range the Proline pans have continued to impress me in my little home kitchen with all the things I throw at the pans.

Ok, I don’t cook eggs, flat fish and delicate items in any of my ply cladded pans (nor my copper pans for that matter).

I also avoid cooking sausages in the Proline pans as I’ve experienced some lamb sausages almost destroying the cladded inside walls of two older Demeyere Pawson pans I used to own by staining them with thick polymerised oil stains, turning out to be impossible to remove even using boiling water, detergent and Bar Keepers Friend.

But other than that, I love to cook in my Demeyere Proline frying pans. They are really terrific on my gas range. So I’m a fan.

Are the Proline pans perfect for jump sautéing vegetables and mushrooms ?
No, you have to have upper body strength and they are extremely slow in upward and downward response time.

For jump sautéing vegetables and mushrooms I’ve stated a million times how I simply love my two De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper bimetal frying pans.

But the Demeyere Proline pans CAN be used for sautéing vegetables, I just feel I need to remove the vegetables immediately from the pan after the sautéing job is done or they continue to cook in the Proline pan, even when taken off the gas burner. My two 2.0 copper pans cool down extremely fast, so I can let the vegetables rest in them without over cooking the vegetables, but just keeping them warm, while finishing the sauce and slicing/cutting up the rested meat.

So if you decide to go back to gas, you should be just fine taking your Demeyere Proline pans with you.


Hi Claus,

Your post reads like a satirical comment on the Proline… :slight_smile:

You begin by stating how much you like the Proline, and then continue with a lot of exceptions where you’d rather use a different pan.

I don’t want to stir up a lot of debate again between the fans and non-fans of the Proline, but your post supports my own conviction that the Proline is a nice pan, but overpriced, not really multi-functional, and in a lot of aspects eclipsed by other frying pans, like the De Buyer carbon steel, Paderno Grand Gourmet, and 2.3mm thick copper.

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Hi Damiano,

It’s because I’ve skipped the idea of multifunctional frying pans and use my arsenal of frying pans for very specific things.

This means I no longer get disappointed when my carbon steel pans don’t make the perfect non stick frittatta - because I use my non stick pans for all eggs.

This also means I don’t get disappointed when I feel my De Buyer Inocuivre 2.0 copper frying pans don’t sear the perfect crust on my steak - because I use my carbon steel pans for all my steak searing jobs.

This also means I use my Demeyere Proline frying pans for certain specific jobs, where they excel - for instance for duck, chicken breasts and other poultry, for hamburgers and meatballs and for finishing and mixing bologmese dishes where I’ve boiled the pasta in a pot and made the bolognese in a Dutch oven.

I still think the Proline pans are extremely versatile, if you don’t care about having polymerised oil stains on the inside walls of the pan.

Is it the perfect pan ?
No, but it’s a very nice solid performer.


Sure you do. What it boils down to is your not brooking anyone posting that they like Prolines or that they are good pans.

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we were fairly early adopters of induction technology and loved our range. unfortunately, three months after our warranty ended all the induction burners had to be replaced, a $1300 repair.

we’ve since moved to nyc where the previous owner installed a Wolf gas oven which we’ve been using for the last six months. while there’s a certain amount of comfort returning to gas, I’d prefer induction. can’t tell the difference in cook quality, easier to clean and so much safer.

In terms of repair, I’ve heard it’s impossible to get a service appt for the wolf and cost is crazy expensive.



What size hood do you have for the Monogram?